Best Forehead Thermometer 2017 ~ Best All Around

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Best Forehead Thermometer 2017 ~ The best all around is hands down the OccoBaby Non-Contact Infared Forehead Thermometer.

best forehead thermometer

The OccoBaby Non-Contact Infared Forehead Thermometer wins Best All Around Forehead Thermometer

What we like about it:

  • It is pretty. Yeah, I know, but I really like things that are pretty. The packaging is pretty. The product is pretty. It even comes with a cute bag to carry it in.
  • It is crazy fast- point, push the button, and there you have it.
  • It is non-invasive- You LITERALLY do not even have to touch your child with this thermometer. I had my temperature taken with this thermometer and couldn’t believe it. This alone is worth best forehead thermometer in my book.
  • The screen is backlit. Taking temps in the dark without touching your child? THAT my friends is what mom life is all about.
  • You can silence the beep. What good is sneaking around in the dark if the beep wakes up your sick baby? None I say! So kudos to OccoBaby for featuring a silent mode on their infared forehead thermometer.
  • You can check the temp of anything. Why didn’t I think of this? No more checking your child’s bath water or milk, only to wonder if your hands just aren’t sensitive enough. You can point and shoot just like when you check your baby’s temp. How cool is that? I just want to run around the room checking the temperature of everything in site. Gotta get my kicks somewhere. 🙂
  • This forehead thermometer comes with a rectal/oral thermometer as a bonus. You can use the digital thermometer on young infants (rectal is always best for 0-6 months) and then graduate to the forehead thermometer at six months.
  • Stores 20 readings in its memory. This is great for when a fever leads to a visit to the pediatrician. You will be able to give the doctor a more accurate picture of what has been going on at home.
  • This thermometer doesn’t touch your child. So no spreading germs from one child to another.
  • Price- This thermometer retails at around 80.00, but is usually on sale for closer to 40. With the carrying bag and bonus thermometer, that makes the OccoBaby Non-Contact Infared Forehead Thermometer an affordable option.

The not so great:

  • I have noticed with all forehead or temporal artery thermometers that you will need your child’s head to be clean and dry. This is not always easy when you have a sweaty, feverish child. To remedy this simply wipe your child’s head with a dry cloth before scanning.

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