Braun No Touch Forehead Thermometer ~ An Impromtu Review

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An Impromptu Review of the Braun No Touch Forehead Thermometer


For several days now, everyone has been sick at my house. With four kids, things get ugly, pretty quick when a virus is running rampant amongst us. Luckily, my husband managed to avoid the sickness, which was a huge blessing because he doesn’t exactly handle colds well #ManCold.

So this morning I needed to check temps and found my thermometer had passed on. I ran out to grab a new one and I must confess that I went to Publix because it is three miles from my house.

Publix is a wonderful store, with the very best customer service and shiny clean aisles, but it is not where you want to purchase a high end thermometer. Let’s just say, I would have saved quite a bit had I waited on the UPS man to bring this thermometer in an Amazon package.

But the kids had fevers and no one could wait, so now I have a shiny new thermometer and we are going to pretend the whole Publix thing never happened. So on to my review…

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So here is my youngest tasting the box. She gives it an A- for not being Cheerio flavored, but I give it an A+ for being easy to open. The box opens from all directions and didn’t require me to grab a sharp object for assistance.

braun no touch forehead thermometerAs you see it is backlit, which is really nice when you are trying to read a temp in the dark. It also lights up green, yellow, or red to let you know if your child has a fever or is close to one.  Batteries are included, but not installed. I consider this a plus because even if it isn’t true, I feel like battery life is wasted sitting on the shelf. Also, these are AA, which is great because I always have those on hand. Many thermometers take odd sized batteries, and they always go dead when you can’t get to a store quickly (unless you are like me and live right by Publix).  Silent mode, so you don’t wake up your little one in the middle of the night.  This is Izzy, the sickest among us. He loved this thermometer because as you can see, he still has one eye on cartoons. He was pretty amazed that I never had to touch him.

The Braun no touch forehead thermometer was very accurate. I got the same reading every time I checked, and it was appropriate for what I had guessed each child’s temp to be. It worked lightning fast and was simple to use. I didn’t read the instructions until I had already used it on everyone. It also had a cover to keep the scanner from getting yucky, which is great for when it gets tossed into the medicine bucket.

The downside is actually something I never expected. I had a tough time taking the baby’s temp with this thermometer because she wanted to hold it. Since I was holding it right in front of her face she kept making a grab at it and squirming around.

She was so distracted by it that I had to wait until I was nursing her and sneak her temp. Maybe this will get easier when the novelty wears off. Also, I wish it had a carrying case.

Overall I love this thermometer and it is going to make me look like a ninja mom in the middle of the night.

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