How to Treat Your Baby’s Teething Pain

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How to Treat Your Baby’s Teething Pain

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Teething is a natural process that every baby goes through. It usually begins around four months of age, but many babies begin later, while a few start even earlier than four months.

Teething may cause a little gum pain and some extra drooling. You will notice your little one chewing on his hands and probably anything else he can fit in his mouth. You may notice your baby isn’t sleeping as well or is a little fussy. These are all signs that your baby is teething.

Does Teething Cause a Fever?

Ahh..if I had a dollar for every time I hear this question. Really, it depends on who you ask. Some medical professionals will tell you that teething absolutely, unequivocally does NOT cause a fever. Others will say it can.

I am here to offer my two cents. My opinion on the matter comes from four children and 10 years of pediatric nursing. My answer? Yes and no.

I have found that babies will run a little warmer when they are in the throws of cutting molars, but will still be on the high end of normal. A temp of 99-100 with a little fussiness and no other symptoms can be attributed to teething. However, if you are looking at a legitimate fever of 100.4+, you probably need to be thinking outside of teething. Be sure to use an accurate thermometer.

Does Teething Cause Crying?

Teething often causes fussiness and irritability, but shouldn’t cause excessive crying. If your baby is crying frequently, be sure to have him examined to rule out another painful cause, such as an ear infection.

What Helps Relieve Teething Pain?

Massage- Find your baby’s irritated, swollen gum and massage it with your finger for a couple minutes as often as needed. You can keep a wet washcloth in a sandwich bag and use it to massage baby’s gums.


Apply pressure to irritated gums with your finger.


Give your baby frozen fruit or ice in a baby safe mesh feeder. Use for short periods of time only to avoid cold injuries to the gums.

treat teething pain


Offer your baby teething rings that have been chilled in the refrigerator. We love this teething ring. It has little nubs to massage baby’s gums.

treat teething pain


You can offer chilled banana to babies over 12 months old.


If you infant refuses nipple feeding, use a cup, spoon, or syringe.


Wear a teething necklace. There are many that are stylish and babies love them. Here is mine:

teething necklace

Give Tylenol or ibuprofen as needed. See the dosing charts below:

tylenol dosing chart pediatric

ibuprofen dosing pediatric

What not to do:

Do not use numbing gels. These products are not proven safe. They can numb your baby’s throat and cause choking.