Withings Thermo Smart Thermometer Review

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Withings Thermo Smart Thermometer Review

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Today’s busy parents need a baby thermometer that can keep up with them. We want a thermometer that is accurate, fast, and easy to use. We want to be able to pull it out of the package and use it without having to read a manual first. But that is not all we want; we want a thermometer that goes above and beyond. We need a thermometer that is smart– smart enough to store several family members by name. Smart enough to tell us the last several temperature readings for each of those family members.

The Withings Thermo Smart Thermometer does all of that. Not only that, it connects to an app on your phone and helps you decide if you need to call the pediatrician. In addition to tracking temperature and symptoms, you can enter comments, medications, and even photos in any user profile. This helps you see if the treatment is effective and allows you to have a complete history to share with a doctor.

withings thermometer review

This is what I absolutely love about the Withings Thermo Smart Thermometer

  • It is accurate. I don’t care how amazing a thermometer is; if it isn’t accurate, it is garbage. The Withings Thermo uses 16 infrared sensors to take 4,000 measurements from the temporal artery. The American Academy of Pediatrics considers temporal artery temperatures to be the next best thing to rectal temps.


  • It is lightning fast. 4,000 measurements in just two seconds. No need to keep your child distracted or busy while you wait on a reading. Just press the button and you are done.


  • It is clean. You won’t be spreading germs from one child to another with the Withings Thermo. You do not have to touch your child at all. Which brings me to the next amazing feature of this infant thermometer…


  • It is non-invasive. It cannot get less invasive than no contact at all. Your kids will love this thermometer.


  • FDA approved. The app that is used along with the Thermo was developed by Boston Children’s Hospital. For me, that goes a long way in helping build the trust of parents.


  • Store up to EIGHT users along with their photos. What?! Even my homeschooling, large family mamas will love this thermometer. To be fair, not all homeschoolers have large families, but the stereotype is there for a reason. 🙂 I can say this because I am both. I never thought I would find a thermometer that put an end to pencil and paper for tracking temperatures and medications (more on that later). It even stores each persons’ normal body temperature, since each person is different.


  • Symptom and medication tracking. I can’t begin to tell you how helpful this is for parents. When I am triaging pediatric patients, I often hear, “Honey, did we give Tylenol or ibuprofen last?” It is easy to forget these things when you are sleep deprived with a sick child (or several) on your hands. This thermometer does all the work for you. Track symptoms, meds, and personal info on your smart phone automatically. This feature will come in handy when you are trying to explain to your doctor what has been going on with your baby.

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Overall, I really like this thermometer. The only negative I see is the price point is a little higher than some parents are able to pay. For my family, it would be totally worth it to have a reliable thermometer on hand. Especially one that does so much. As a mom of many, I am always looking for ways to streamline my momming and make things easier for our family. The Withings Thermo Smart Thermometer does exactly that.