Top 5 Best Digital Thermometers for Baby

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Top 5 Best Digital Thermometers for Baby

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Digital thermometers can be used orally, rectally, or axillary (underarm). While most parents are choosing temporal artery or forehead thermometers for their children, there are times when a digital thermometer is necessary, such as when you need a rectal temperature on a newborn.

We’ve reviewed dozens of digital thermometers and here are the top 5:

1. OccoBaby Digital Thermometer

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Here at WiseJoyfulMom we love all things OccoBaby. OccoBaby is reliable, attractive, and affordable.

The OccoBaby digital thermometer is designed specifically for babies. It has a ten second reading, which is important when you are checking a rectal temperature.

I frequently speak with parents who take a full minute or longer to obtain their baby’s temperature. I can assure you, babies do not love slow thermometers!

60 day money back guarantee. No questions asked.

Can be used rectally, orally, or underarm.

Flexible tip for more comfortable oral temperatures.

Fever alarm.

Automatic off.

Measurements in both Fahrenheit and Celsius.

Waterproof for easy cleaning.

OccoBaby also offers an amazing forehead thermometer at a great price. It includes the digital thermometer and a carrying bag. I love to get this for new parents as a baby shower gift.

2. Kinsa Smart Stick

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The Kinsa Smart stick is one of the newest thermometers on the block. The Smart Stick connects wirelessly to your Bluetooth enabled device. From there, you can manage your family’s temperature readings and symptoms all in one place.

THE SMART DIGITAL THERMOMETER ‒ Compatible with all iPhones 4 and up (including iPhone 7!) and all major Android devices. The free app records fevers, symptoms, medication dosages, and other important health data in a time-stamped log. The thermometer takes accurate oral, rectal, and underarm temperature readings, and its battery-free design means it never dies when you need it most.

Real-time guiadance via the Kinsa app. Obtain age-specific advice, medication reminders, and tips on soothing symptoms.

No batteries. This is a big win in my book due to the risk button batteries pose to small children. Also, no running out in the middle of the night to purchase new batteries.

Interactive games within the app to keep little ones busy while their temperature is being taken.

FDA Approved.

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3. Vicks Smart Temp

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Another great choice in smart digital thermometers is the Vicks Smart Temp.

Set-up Reminders to Recall Last Reading Time or Medicine Dosage.

Fever Insight Feature Changes your Phone Screen from Green to Yellow to Red, depending on the Temperature Readout.

Includes: Thermometer, Storage Cap & Battery

Compatible with Most iOS & Android Devices.

Fever Insight feature changes your phone screen from green to yellow to red, depending on the temperature readout.

Professionally accurate readings in 8 seconds.

For oral, rectal or underarm use .


Flexible tip.


4. Safety 1st Advanced Solutions High Speed Rectal Thermometer

best rectal thermometer

I really like the design of this thermometer. Parents are often fearful of hurting their baby when obtaining a rectal temperature; this design alleviates those fears.

Large digital display with fever light bar that shines red when fever detected.

Flexible tip for comfort and comfort guard for safety.

Fahrenheit or Celsius .

Includes replaceable button cell battery .


5. Care Touch Digital Thermometer

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The Care Touch Digital Thermometer is another great option in baby thermometers. As with the other options, this one can be used rectally, orally, and axillary.

Fast and accurate results – get results within 10 seconds

Flexible tip – the tip of the thermometer is flexible so it is comfortable and easier to use

Fever signal and alarm – the thermometer will sound an alarm as well as indicate if there is fever

Memory function – last reading recall so you can compare results over time

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