Help Your Child Conquer Bedwetting with the 10 Best Bedwetting Alarms

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If you read about how we were able to stop our daughter’s bedwetting in just one week, you know that I am a big proponent of bedwetting alarms. We used the Malem alarm with our daughter and were very happy with it, but there are many more options available now. Here is a round up of my favorite alarms to help stop your child’s bedwetting, so they can wake up dry and enjoy sleepovers with confidence.

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TheraPee is different than other alarms because it does not attach to the child’s underpants. Instead, it relies on a mat that you place under your child’s sheets. Another key feature is the included interactive software. Each child will have a customized online chart to record their progress. Older children really enjoy using the program, and it has had great success with kids as old as 17. TheraPee is most expensive alarm on my list, but its unique design and high success rate make it worth the money.

therapee bedwetting alarm

2. Chummie Bedwetting Treatment System

Chummie Elite Bedwetting Alarm is perfectly designed to stop bedwetting in children and deep sleepers. The alarm uses 5 alert tone with loud sounds and strong vibrations to wake up your child. The microprocessor controlled alarm is powered with smart technology that allows its sensors to trigger the alarm at the first drop of urine. I really like this feature because if you combine it with bed pads and thick underpants, you can avoid having to change your child’s sheets. The alarm can be clipped to the child’s t-shirt or worn with the Chummie armband for comfort. Comes with Smartphone App!

chummie bedwetting alarm

3. Nytone Enuresis Alarm

Kids will like the Nytone because it is customizable (both sound and appearance) and comfortable to wear. The Nytone can be silenced quickly in the middle of the night to keep from waking other family members. If you have any issues with your Nytone alarm, the company offers a money back guarantee.

nytone enuresis alarm

4. Malem Ultimate

Malem’s Advanced Easy-Clip Sensor Technology, features Secure Grip and Quick Detect. With Secure Grip, you can quickly and easily attach the clip-on sensor to cotton underwear. Unlike inferior taped-on sensors that fall off, Secure Grip locks the sensor in place so it does not become dislodged. This is the only sensor that alerts the user if it is not fastened properly. You won’t miss a learning opportunity by using a sensor that comes off during the night. With Quick Detect, the alarm senses the first drop of moisture. Rapidly detecting urine allows your child to quickly be alerted to the alarm.

malem alarm

5. TEQIN Beatinkle

 The Beatinkle has a microcomputer controller with intelligent design, built-in rechargeable battery, and charging via micro USB. The bedwetting alarm only needs to be purchased once and does not require additional batteries. Unlike other alarms, the Beatinkle has a 3-function switch: sound only, sound and vibration, or OFF.

6. Wet-stop3 Bedwetting Alarm in multiple colors

The lowest cost bedwetting solution in the world. Alarm comes with “The Complete Bedwetting Book” on CD or download, reward chart, sticker reward system and instructions in 6 languages.

cheap bedwetting alarm

7. Dr. Madre Bedwetting Alarm

The Dr. Madre kit helps motivate your child with its watch like sports band design and small size. This device really is one of the smallest and discreet models in the market. Its wireless design allows it to be worn under under a child’s pajamas. No disconnecting wires or pads before running to the potty.

dr. madre bedwetting alarm

8. DryBuddyFLEX  Wireless Bedwetting & Enuresis Alarm System

The patented magnetic sensor is the easiest sensor to attach and clean, and can be used with regular cotton briefs or with the special DryBuddy wetness sensing briefs. Cleaning and drying the sensor cannot be easier, as the surface of the sensor is completely exposed. There are no moving parts to break off. The DryBuddyFLEX2 is perspiration resistant, so it won’t be triggered by perspiration as with almost all other bedwetting alarms. The remote control makes it easy for mom and dad to help out at night.

9. Dry Easy Plus 

Effective, comfortable and easy to use. The receiver (alarm) can be placed on the bedside table instead of attaching to the child. No wire running from the pajamas top to the underpants. Six sounds to suit your child’s preference and avoid getting used to a particular sound. You can opt for a single sound or play the six sounds at random.

10. Chummie Pro

Complete bedwetting system comprised of a patented loud microprocessor controlled alarm placed on bedside and a large urine detection bed mat placed below the sheets. Perfect bedside bedwetting alarm for children, teens, adults and deep sleepers and those who do not want to wear wired alarms on their body and enjoy a natural night’s sleep.

10 best bedwetting alarms