A 30 Day Aaptiv Review with Before and After Photos

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Here for an honest Aaptive review? You have come to the right place! Follow me as I try Aaptive for 30 days. You can try Aaptive free for 30 days. I will post my before and after photos for your scrutiny, but more importantly, the before and after of how I feel because how you feel is far more important than how you look.

I downloaded Aaptive yesterday after seeing an ad for this new app that would make squeezing in a quick workout fun and invigorating. I NEED my workouts to be quick because I have four kids, we homeschool, and I work from home. I also need my fitness routine to be invigorating because I sleep never and am exhausted 24-7.

I read the reviews and noticed some people were complaining about the music being too loud, but that is exactly what I am looking for. I need some good beats to keep me going through a workout and I love that you can search for workouts by music genre. More on that later.


Upon opening the app you will see that you can search for workouts by type.

Aaptiv offers 100s of classes in:

outdoor walking and running

indoor cycling





strength training




full and half marathon training

5 and 10k training

Get bored easily? 150 classes are added each month.

Aaptiv review

You can search by trainer personality, which I think is a very unique feature in a fitness app. 


Under your profile, you can set reminders, track your workout times, calories burned, and class history.


We will explore Aaptiv in more detail over the next 30 days. For now, here is a little more about me and why I choose to try Aaptiv.

Before children, I loved going to the gym for group classes and one on one training. Exercise has always been how I stay sane. No joke, there would be straight jackets in my wardrobe without some form of regular exercise.

The gym no longer fits into my schedule or budget, so I have to sweat it out at home. I get bored easily, so I am a bit of a workout DVD addict. I love to try new workouts, and I have a large list of YouTube favorites as well. So whenever I stumbled upon Aaptiv, I thought I would give it a try.

I am going to post daily as I explore Aaptiv and give different instructors and workouts a try. I will share my before and after photos of my arms with you because they certainly need some work. Make no mistake, my backside and abs could use more than a little work, but I’m not about to be posting pictures of my booty online.

However, it is important to realize that I am not trying to lose weight. I am also not dieting. I have mixed connective tissue disease that I manage by following a gluten free, sugar free (mostly), plant-based diet. My diet has been my lifeline. I eat the way I do so I can get very old and very gray. It is something I plan on doing forever, so it is not a “diet”.

The way I eat keeps me at a healthy weight, but lately I have become what is known by some as “skinny fat”. With my clothes on, I look thin and healthy, but I have no muscle. Zero. Zilch. I am weak and squishy.

I’m choosing to blame the kids. It is totally their fault that I can only squeeze in 15 minutes of exercise at a time.

So for the next 30 days, I plan to build muscle. That means I will be choosing mostly from the strengthing classes on Aaptiv, but I will also try out some others to give you a well rounded review.

So here are my arms before starting 30 days of Aaptiv. Let’s hope that there is more muscle in a month! FIND MY AFTER PHOTOS HERE!

aaptiv review before photo

aaptiv review before photo

Aaptiv review before and after


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