Why Working From Home No Longer Works For Me

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Why Working From Home No Longer Works For Me

I don’t expect this post to win me any fans. Actually, I imagine many of you will tell me I am selfish, ungrateful, and a plethora of other unflattering adjectives, some of which would be true.  How could I not be happy working from home when so many other women would love the opportunity? I get it. I really do. If I were looking from the outside in, I would feel the same.

It’s not the job. It’s me.

I have worked from home as a nurse since 2006. I currently work as a pediatric telephone triage nurse. I give frantic parents advice on how to care for their sick children. I LOVE helping parents. There is nothing more satisfying than helping a mom get from complete panic to total peace in knowing that she can provide the very best care for her child. The work I do is not the problem.

My schedule is amazingly perfect. I usually work before my family wakes up and when they are sleeping at night. I work in my pajamas and my big kids hang out with me when I work the early evening shift (don’t tell my boss that). I can nurse my youngest to sleep, tuck in my preschooler, and laugh with my older kids in between calls. The schedule is not the problem.

I get paid by the hour and make only slightly less than I would working in a hospital, but I have zero commute and don’t have to buy scrubs, so it comes out pretty even. When call volume is slow, I can watch Netflix or read a book in between calls. One day I told my husband I wished I could get paid to watch Netflix. He looked at me and said, “You already do.” And I do! I get paid to watch Netflix! The pay is not the problem.

Don’t get me wrong, it isn’t all sunshine and lollipops. I have to work almost all holidays, when my kiddos are sick, when my ten year old was taking her first steps, and when I really want to be cuddled up watching a movie with the family. But overall, the job is not the problem.

The problem is me.  I want more. I want to be free. Totally free. Nick Loper of Side Hustle Nation has a picture on his site that I have stared at many times. He gets it. He gets my need to be free. Free of the set in stone schedule. Free of the manager and the vacation day requests. Free to do exactly what I want to do. Pure Freedom. That is my goal.

This is Nick’s photo. I stole it. I am hoping he forgives me since I hooked him up with a backlink.


Countdown to Freedom

When I was growing up my dad owned his own business. He always told me, “I might not be rich, but at least I like my boss.” Did I mention my father is a wise man?

That pretty much sums it all up: I want to be the boss of me. If you feel the same, then follow me on my journey to freedom.

I have been itching to be independent for a very long time. I have decided that it is now or never. I am setting a goal of quitting my job in 2018.  I know I’m not the only rebel out there, so I will document my progress in this series. Feel free to comment with suggestions or questions.

But what about all my friends who just want to work from home and are happy to have a traditional work from home position? I haven’t forgotten you. I will be posting lots of great work from home ideas for you as well.

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