The Number One Way to Be a Better and More Productive Mom Today

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We all want to be better, more productive, and more present. Our schedules are packed full. Work demands our time. Children demand our time. Everyone needs us, and they need us right now.

The house is a wreck, carryout is on the table at dinner time, and we haven’t spent fifteen minutes of quality time with our husband or our children in about a hundred years. Shower? Nah, forget it. Showers are for moms with hired help.

I have read a tons of posts on productivity, just hoping for a magic bullet that will make me super mom. I have found several great posts that have helped me manage my home better, and a few that downplay the issue with, “Don’t be more productive. Accept yourself the way you are. Sit and play, the house will wait.”

But what will really help? What will make you feel like you succeeded as a wife and mom at the end of the day? What will make you productive and happier at the same time.

Put your phone down. Let’s be totally honest for a second. Our phones are ruling our lives. We are letting everyone and their mama tell us how to spend our time: read this message, answer that email, comment on this Facebook post. We can’t even poop without our phones.

Want to change your entire life for the better? Just stop looking at your phone.


Our phones and tablets are our number one time suck. They are EVERYONE’S productivity killer. People are literally killing themselves to look at their phones.

I challenge you to turn off your phone. Set a COUPLE times a day to check it, and then set a timer while you do it. Don’t think you can do it? Covenant Eyes is a great resource for digital detox.

Phones are also killing our relationships: our relationships with our spouse, our kids, and even our friends. Who wants to hang out with friends who stare at their phone’s nonstop?

I ACTUALLY saw a mom SWAT her child away at the mall this weekend. She was sitting at the table with a tween (who was staring into her phone) and a little girl. The little girl was jumping up and down under mom’s huge phone trying to get her attention. The mom swatted her away like a fly, so she could keep looking at her phone.

We’ve got to get a grip on our tech use. It isn’t easy, but it is so worth it. If you listen to nothing else that I ever say, listen to this: please put your phone down. Your life will be changed instantly for the better. You will regain your focus (exercise also helps with focus). You will be one hundred percent more productive than you are right now. You will reconnect with your husband and children.

You wil get stuff done. Like, LOTS of stuff. Your never ending to-do list will be a thing of the past. While we are at it, take that list off your phone, and put it on paper. You don’t need another excuse to check your phone.

Try it out for just one day. You will be amazed at how much you can get done. Laundry doesn’t actually take a long time when you don’t stop to read messages. Your kids will be happier and fight less because they have your attention. Your house will sparkle. Seriously, sparkle.

So, put the phone down now and go do stuff. Lots of stuff. All the stuff!

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