Say Yay to Pajama Day! Our Most Relaxing Christmas Tradition

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Have the days leading up to Christmas become crazy and chaotic? Do you find yourself running from one place to another, just trying to pack everything in?

Today I want to share with you a tradition that helps our family escape some of the overwhelm that happens around the Christmas holiday.

We call it Pajama Day, and it goes like this:

Before all of our Christmas festivities begin, we set a day aside and refuse to do anything except watch Christmas movies and eat. We hang out, play board games, and take naps.

There are NO Pinteresty crafts or activities for the kids. We don’t do fancy food. We just wear our jammies and chill. Now listen closely to this next part:

Mom chills too!

Pajama Day is not a day for the kids to watch TV while you get caught up. It is a day for you to beat your kid at his favorite video game. It is a day to snuggle with your little ones and be totally LAZY. Pajama Day is when you pass out on the couch after eating too many cookies.

It is a day before Toys R Us vomits all over your house. It is a day of rest for ALL.

This tradition actually began by accident. We had just moved a few years ago when I got fed up with all the Christmas craziness. I put my foot down one day and told the kids that I wasn’t doing anything that day. We had such a great time that they asked for it again the next year. And thus, a tradition was born.

For us, this day is usually the 23rd because we travel on Christmas Eve each year. We always do PJ Day right before the chaos starts, so everyone is refreshed and ready for the upcoming days.

This week we took one day to do all of our last minute prep. We wrapped gifts, shopped for food, and got the laundry caught up. Then we set aside a day to visit widows and shut-ins from our church family. Now it is Jammie time!

What are your favorite Christmas traditions? I’d love to hear from you!


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