How to Teach Your Toddler Letters and Sounds~ The Lazy Way

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teach toddler abc

People are always very impressed that my toddlers know all the letters and sounds before they reach preschool. They always want to know how I manage to teach them their ABCs at such a young age, but the thing is, I don’t.

I have four children, and I am homeschooling the oldest three. I appreciate all things education related. I LOVE teaching my kids, but I have never had to teach them their ABCs because I stumbled upon a super lazy cheat with my oldest. It has worked for all my kids so far.

What is my secret? I let them watch this video. I keep it in my van, and I play it when we are out and about. In no time at all, they learn to recognize their ABCs, and they know the sounds for each letter.

See? I told you it was super lazy! That’s all I do. For less than ten bucks, my toddlers learn the letter sounds. This sets the stage for reading, and it makes things so much easier for teaching them to sound out words. What are your tricks for teaching the ABCs?

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