Best Stuffed Animal Storage Ideas

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The Best Stuffed Animal Storage Ideas

I have rounded up the best stuffed animal storage ideas for organizing all those stuffed animals that are taking over your child’s bedroom. From stuffed animal storage bags to the stuffed animal zoo, there is a storage solution for every situation.

Stuffed animal storage bag

I previously posted about how this stuffed animal storage bag is my absolute favorite way to keep my daughter’s stuffed animals contained. It keeps the visual clutter hidden, holds FIVE 13 gallon trash bags full of stuffed animals and dolls, and makes a great place for my daughter to sit. It is machine washable, which is a must for anything in my artsy fartsy daughter’s room.

Stuffed animal storage bags are a great option for minimalist parents who don’t want to make their children throw out their toys, but also don’t want to see them all the time. My big kids brought to my attention that it is also perfect for tweens and young teens who aren’t ready to part with their favorite stuffed animals, but might be embarrassed to have them all on display.

stuffed animal storage bag

stuffed animal storage bag

stuffed animal storage bag

The Zoo stuffed animal storage

The Zoo takes up just 2 sq. ft of floor space. It is made of durable wood and attaches to the wall of your child’s bedroom for safety. The best part of the zoo toy storage is that the flexible bars make it easy for your child to grab their favorite stuffed animal whenever they want, and then put them back away quickly. You can also have your stuffed animal zoo personalized.

stuffed animal storage zoo

stuffed animal storage zoo

stuffed animal storage ideas

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Stuffed animal storage net

Storage nets are the classic storage solution. They are inexpensive, hold a large quantity of toys, and provide easy access (if mounted low enough) to toys.

stuffed animal storage net

Hanging stuffed animal storage

There are two types of toy storage that hang from your child’s ceiling or a clothing rod in their closet:

The first is a toy chain. Toy chains hold less toys than most other toy storage solutions, but do provide easy access for your child.

hanging toy storage

hanging toy storage

The second type of hanging toy storage is a mesh organizer with multiple compartments.

hanging mesh toy organizer

hanging toy storage

This Ikea mesh hanging storage has 6 compartments.

ikea mesh hanging storage

If you like the idea of a stuffed animal storage bag, but want to be able to see the stuffed animals, the Boon Animal Bag is the perfect option.

The Boon stuffed animal storage bag has a mesh window, which allows your child to see inside. It is a little smaller than many of the other storage bags available, so it is a good choice if you have a younger child or not a lot of stuffed animals to store.

boon stuffed animal storage

boon stuffed animal stoage



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