How Walmart Grocery Pick Up Helps Us Rock Our Grocery Budget

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How Walmart Grocery Pick Up Helps Us Rock Our Grocery Budget + a $10 off code!

If you read my post about cash back apps for your smartphone, you know that I stink at budgets. I have never really learned how to budget, and every time I attempt it, I get overwhelmed and quit.

Well, the reality of living in a money pit diamond in the rough is that it costs way more than HGTV lets on. In addition to that, money that you imagined would be spent on paint, Pinterest projects, and decor, tends to get sucked up by leaky toilets and busted outlets.

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So this year, one of my New Year’s resolutions is to be a better keeper at home. That includes budgeting. I am still pretty overwhelmed at the idea of budgeting our every expense, so I took a look at where our money has gone the last several months.

One thing became obvious right away; we eat our money. We have been spending an obscene amount on food and drinks (coffee, sparkling water, diet soda). Bad thing is, we didn’t eat that great.

walmart grocery pick up review

So baby goal number one was to create a food budget and stick to it for three months before tackling any other aspect of the budget. I chose an amount that I thought would allow us to eat well, yet not be too easy to accomplish. We are also hoping this goal will help us break some bad habits like my husband’s vending machine visits at work and my fast food with the kids.

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We considered how to stick within our budget without going to cash envelopes because neither of us like to carry cash, and we are not usually together. We finally agreed to write down the amount and stick it on the fridge at the beginning of each week. Amazon has this cute magnetic dry erase board that is perfect for the job. We deduct ALL food and drink purchases from this amount. When it hits zero, no food or drink purchases can be made until the beginning of the next week.

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It is very motivating to see the numbers on the fridge. It might be that I wanted some gluten free, dairy free cupcakes and would normally have sent my husband to grab some. But knowing that I have to take it off our weekly total, gives me the willpower to skip the cupcakes. Previously, there were nights when I just didn’t feel like cooking, so we’d “have” to order Chinese takeout. Not so much now that I am accountable for it.

My first big challenge came when deciding how to grocery shop. I am not someone who can look at my grocery list and know how much it is going to cost. I also refuse to carry a calculator to the store and add as I shop with four kids in tow.

This is where Walmart Grocery Pick Up comes in.

First off, let me say that I hate Walmart with every fiber of my being. I hate the entire experience from the smell of the stores, to the other customers doing classy things like leaving dirty diapers on shelves, right down to the glaring cashier giving me stink eye while I smile and ask how her day is. I can say all that because I worked there in college. Doesn’t matter if you shop or work there, very few people ENJOY Walmart.

All that being said, Walmart Grocery Pick up is my saving grace when it comes to the grocery budget, and it is a pleasant experience that doesn’t even resemble shopping in store.

It works like this:

I add my ingredients to my shopping list via the Walmart grocery app. I can compare prices on items to be sure I am getting the best deal, which is really tough when I am in a store with my toddler.

The best part is being able to see my cart total. The cart total is definitely what helps the most when it comes to the grocery budget.

It helps us to make decisions on what is important and what is not. Using Walmart Grocery this week allowed us enough room in the budget to eat out with family. We were also able to choose really healthy recipes and plug those in first, then decide what snacks and drinks we wanted to add at the end.

It has been enormously helpful.

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Another great part of Walmart Grocery pickup is not having to go in to shop. All the horribleness of Walmart is eliminated when you don’t have to go in.

After shopping via the app, you will need to choose a pick up time. It is important not to depend on Walmart Grocery for last minute items because same day pick up is rarely available unless you are shopping early in the morning.

I have found that early morning is the least busy time to get my groceries. Lunch time and around 5pm are definitely the busiest.

When your order is ready, you will receive a text. Just show up for your order and text back that you have arrived. It is that easy!

Save money. Save time. Skip the shopping trips.

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