How to Combine Aldi with Walmart Grocery Pick Up to Save More

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I recently told you guys about how Walmart Grocery pick up service has helped us to meet our new grocery budget. It is the first time ever that we have succeeded at sticking to a budget, so it is kinda a big deal.

This week I spent a lot of time planning meals for our family. I added each meal to my Walmart Grocery cart on the app as I went. When I added the meals, I filled in the rest with snacks and a few other things until I got to the total I was shooting for.

However, when I went to check out, I realized I had waited too late in the day, and there were no morning pick up times available for the next day. I was pretty irritated and decided to go to Aldi the next morning to get the things we had to have for the next day.

This is how my newest grocery budget trick was born.

I didn’t want to write my grocery list out, so I took my phone with the Walmart Grocery app in with me to shop at Aldi.

By doing this, I was able to compare prices between Walmart and Aldi on everything in my cart.

I had planned on only picking up what we needed for the day at Aldi and ordering the rest online, but what I ended up doing was this:

When I came to an item in my Walmart Grocery cart, I compared the two prices. If Aldi was cheaper, I deleted it from my Walmart cart, and I added it to my Aldi cart.

I did this for every item on my list. I was able to save A LOT on things like eggs, milk, and cheese. Walmart had better prices in most of the produce I had planned to buy.

Once I was finished at Aldi, I chose a Walmart pick up time and hit send on that order.

It sounds like a lot more work than it was, but I use the OurGroceries app for my shopping list anyway. Deleting things from my Walmart cart wasn’t any more work.

By combining shopping in store at Aldi with shopping online at Walmart, I was able to:

Save a substantial amount of money.

Buy more food for our family.

Get a better idea of what I needed to buy at Aldi from now on.

And most importantly, feed our family WELL and within the budget.

It feels so good to finally be succeeding at a grocery budget! 

How are you saving money on groceries?


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