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Day one is in the books!

I plan to try more than one class a day as I write this 30 day Aaptiv review, but we all have colds right now, so I’m not getting too ambitious just yet.

I chose Pop That Booty as my first workout because it is only nine minutes long, and I typically enjoy lower body workouts.

I loved this workout! If time would have allowed, I would have done it at least once more to get a greater benefit.

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I noticed one thing right off the bat, and that is that I am going to have to focus when I am using Aaptive. The instructor is in your ear giving you specific instructions. If you lose focus, you will get lost. For most people, I imagine this won’t be a problem. For moms who have kids running around while they exercise, you are going to have to work a little bit to stay keyed in to what is going on.

I enjoyed the music a lot and didn’t find it to be too loud or too soft. This workout had a pop track that was modern and upbeat. I hate boring music in my workouts and have been known to mute my DVDs and play my own music instead, so this was a nice change.

I will say the last song Happy as Hell had a great beat, but the lyrics were not something I would normally allow in our home, and I am glad my little ones weren’t listening at the time.

Jaime gave just the right amount of instruction, not too much or too little. Her tone was great too. I am easily irritated by ultra peppy, high pitched voices (even though that is exactly what I sound like), and she was neither. She gave detailed, but straight to the point instructions, so I was able to do each move with no problem.

This workout is only 9 minutes long. It is short enough that if you had to, you could hide in the bathroom and do it before the kids noticed you were gone. Even so, my glutes and hamstrings were sore the next morning. As a point of reference, I have done an hour of kickboxing this week and Ballet Beautiful, both of which I love doing, and neither made me sore.

My favorite move on this workout was definitely the chair squat with alternating moving each leg to the side. I’m sure there is a better way to word that, but I found it to be challenging, which is the entire point of strength training.

I’m saving this workout to my favorites, and I plan on trying more of Jaimie’s workouts through the month.

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