Aaptiv Review Day 3

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This is day 3 of my 30 day Aaptiv review.

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I chose Strong-Armed Tactics for today’s Aaptiv workout. I hope to do another later today, but my toddler is crazy from her cold, and it may not happen. Interested in trying Aaptiv? You can try it free for 30 days!

I’m typing this from my phone. Even with my arms totally at rest, I can still feel the workout. My arms are fatigued and it feels great.

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Strong-Armed Tactics is a 19 minute intermediate workout, so it is a little longer than days 1 or 2, but still very short as far as workouts go. It was challenging, but not too hard to accomplish.

The music was great, but in the beginning of the track, it was somewhat difficult to differentiate Sultan’s voice from the musician’s. It got better as the workout went on and I became more attuned to his voice.

Sultan’s instructions were easy to follow and he was very encouraging, but not in an annoying way.

The exercises in this workout were very basic and very effective. All you need is dumbbells and the floor (for chest presses). Next time around, I plan to have more than one size dumbbell available because my biceps are much stronger than my shoulders are. I would like to switch to heavier weights for curls.

I think this is a workout my husband would really enjoy, but is definitely great for anyone wanting to get some burn in their arms. I am saving this one to my favorites!

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