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This is day four of my 30 Day Aaptiv Review.

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Today is my daughter’s second birthday, and for the first time in a long time, I ate lots of junk food. It was delicious, but I felt like hot garbage afterwards. All that to say, today seemed like the perfect day to try four workouts. I definitely feel like I earned my cupcake!

Before I discuss today’s workouts, I want to point out something my husband and son noticed about Aaptiv.

I have no problem following the instructors because I have exercised my entire life, and I tend to do workouts with instructors- classes, DVD’s, etc.. However, my son told me he could never workout using audio only. He isn’t familiar enough with all the terms to understand what he should be doing.

Later when I was stretching, my husband said the same thing. My husband is more comfortable with all the terms used, but still says he thinks he might have to have video to be able to follow. He is going to try the treadmill workouts and see how he does with those.

i definitely see how someone who is new to exercise or is a visual learner might struggle with using Aaptiv.

Another thing that is unrelated, but I would like to have available in the app, is the ability to search by muscle group. For example, if I want to focus on back or chest, I would like to be able to search for that as opposed to scrolling through all the strength training. I’m hoping the feature is there, and I have just missed it.

I chose Arm Candy by Mike for my first workout mostly because I liked the title. I really liked this workout, and Mike does a great job with his instruction. I like how he combines curls with presses, and I got a lot of burn from the tricep extensions. I’m actually starting to enjoy push-up planks.

I usually attach my emails to these posts to prove I did each workout, but I don’t have one for this workout. I had to turn it off right around minute five because Run Me Dry by Bryson Tiller came on, which is sexually explicit. I was working out with my 13 year old son, but luckily he didn’t notice.

I was able to finish the rest of the workout using the stopwatch on my phone. Overall, it was a good workout.

“Go all the way in. We don’t go half.” – Sultan

The second workout was by Sultan. It was That Lower Body Life. I must admit, that even though I don’t usually like working out to relaxing music, Sultan’s voice is amazing and I could listen to it all day. He is also very encouraging, so I am able to overlook the low key beats.

Lower Body Life was a good lower body workout. Goblet squats are no joke if you do them correctly. Getting my elbows all the way down felt terrible and great all at the same time. We finished up with lunges, and when I was walking downstairs later, I could tell I had worked my quads.

Aaptiv review

After arms and legs, I decided to give a core workout a try. I picked Pre-cardio Core by Meghan. This workout packs a lot in 11 minutes!

We did crunches, shoulder tap planks, and flutter kicks. I had never done shoulder taps before, and I could feel it working my abs. I was really wishing that I had done core before legs because flutter kicks were really hard with tired quads.

Meghan was easy to follow and the music was perfect for a core workout. I am saving this one to my favorites.

Last up is Seven Minutes in Heaven, which is a stretching track by Jaime. The music was great and she didn’t rush the stretches like most fitness instructors typically do. It really helped to loosen everything up after the other three workouts. It was the perfect ending for my workout, but I think it would also be a great warm up.

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