Aaptiv Review Day 5

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This is Day 5 of my Aaptiv review.

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Today has been such a long busy day! We had church services, meetings, some grout work on our floor, and then I have to work tonight from 10-12am. I was finally sitting down for a second at about 930, when I remembered that I haven’t done a workout for today’s Aaptiv review. Sigh…

I chose Arms Heavy, Spirits Light for tonight for two reasons: I sure do need light spirits before I spend two hours talking about flu symptoms, and secondly, it is only nine minutes. I can do anything for nine minutes.

I wanted to hear some more from Mike Septh after cutting last night’s Arm Candy workout short due to the music lyrics being inappropriate for working out with my teenager. I’m glad I did because this was a great, quick workout. Mike is a good instructor, and I plan to do more of his workouts. This short workout before work was exactly what I needed to get me through my shift.

Speaking of Mike, he is on Instagram at Mike_fit19 and he is doing some seriously impressive stuff. Follow him to get inspired!

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