Aaptiv Review Day 6

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I have a new favorite for Day 6 of my Aaptiv Review!

You can try Aaptiv for free for 30 days!


40 On 20 Off was no joke! The Aaptiv workouts I have chosen up until today have been fun and burned my muscles a little. This workout was fun, but in a refuse to quit even when you want to puke sorta way.

One change is that this workout is longer than the others and is full-body. Another is that I tripled my dumbbell weight in an effort to build more arm muscle.

I really appreciate combining squats with curls. I think it is awesome to work double the muscles in the same amount of time. I wasn’t quite prepared for burpees, and they darn near killed me. I haven’t done a burpee in several years. I’m pretty sure mine looked like they were in slow motion. That’s okay. I didn’t quit,  I don’t even care.

The music is always a big deal to me because it can make or break a workout. The songs in 40 On 20 Off were really good. Even better than that, was Ackeem’s ability to time his instruction around the music. He never talks at a time where you will have a hard time hearing him. The music was absolutely perfect for his instruction and this workout.

I am saving this workout to my favorites!

Collapsing on the mat for some post workout cuddles with my two year old.

After I posted this, I headed to Academy (the greatest store on Earth) and bought a wider variety of dumbbells. I couldn’t resist trying another workout with them, so I chose Get Fit Poppin’ by Erin.

It was way better having a wide variety of weights to choose from. If you are like me and certain muscles are much weaker than others, you can switch quickly between exercises to get the best weight for your body.

I am happily tired after doing 44 minutes in Aaptiv today. I feel like I worked all my muscles (except maybe abs) well and will probably be sore tomorrow.

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