Aaptiv Review Day 7

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This is day 7 of my 30 day Aaptiv review.

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I am REALLY wanting to tone up my arms, so my gameplan was to work them out every day. I enjoy it, and the more the merrier as far as I am concerned. Unfortunately, my husband broke the news to me that resting a muscle group for 48 hours before working it again, isn’t just for wimps. I have heard this before and just assumed it was optional. I sought to prove him wrong, but came up empty handed. Alas, it seems that we tear down muscle when we work out, then we build it back up stronger and bigger during the rest period. So, if I want bigger muscles, I have to let them rest.

I am really wishing I had this information before I did a full body workout and two arm workouts yesterday. I would have staggered my muscle groups better. Since, this is a 30 day review, and I don’t want to leave you empty handed, I decided to do a stretch workout. I could have chosen treadmill, but I just do not love the treadmill at all. All that walking and not getting anywhere is really annoying. Although, I have been known to run on it to keep myself sane. I will try a treadmill workout soon to see if Aaptiv can help me learn to love my treadmill.

Tonight I did Full Body Static Stretch with Edouard Hall.

It consisted of very basic static stretches that most of us have seen before. Static stretches are when you hold movements for a while to let the muscle fully relax. I appreciated this because often, instructors rush through stretches and it is not beneficial at all. Ed has a nice, smooth voice. He is easy to understand. The music was good and pretty relaxing.

30 day Aaptiv review

I would never choose an app like Aaptiv for just stretching, but I think it is a great addition to all the other workouts. It would be a good choice before or after a workout. I enjoyed stretching with the app because it helped me to focus. My mind goes ninety miles per hour at all times, and it takes a lot to make me think about just one thing. I was able to focus solely on the stretches without wondering what I was making for dinner tomorrow night or if perhaps I should convert the basement lighting to LED. That alone, gives it five stars in my book.

I would love to hear from anyone else giving Aaptiv a try. What are you loving so far? What is your favorite workout? I’m hoping to find an arm workout by Ackeem tomorrow. See ya then!


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