Aaptiv Review Day 8

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Well folks, my arms are broken.

This is day 8 of my 30 day Aaptiv review and I’m pretty sure I won’t be able to brush my own hair tomorrow.

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Sultan Malik arm workout review

I didn’t get the usual “great job!” email with this one because halfway through, I had to put my toddler to bed. When I came back I had to start the workout over and skip to the middle because I lost my progress. You don’t get credit for quitting or for skipping, so no congrats for me today, but trust me, I did the entire thing.

I must have missed the word “advanced” in the description on this one because this mama is NOT advanced. Sure, I’m familiar with most things fitness related, but these arms are not experts. These arms are beginners: intermediate on a good day.

Anyway, I cannot believe it has been eight days already! I did “stretch” yesterday after my husband broke the news to me that I had to have rest days to build muscle. That was a major letdown because I like to be moving forward at all times and resting feels like not that.

Before you read further, please note that I am not complaining. I love a good butt kicking when it comes to my workouts. If you like your workouts easy, chances are you’ll never see much improvement in your strength or endurance.

All the Way Upper Body had a lot of repetition.  I wasn’t quite expecting this, so I showed up with my heavy (for me) weights. You see, usually, if you can just survive three sets, you will move on to a different muscle.

Not so on today’s workout. Sultan’s mission was to seek and destroy my chest muscles and triceps over and over and over. Mission accomplished.

By the end of this workout, my arms were visibly shaking and I thought I would drop a dumbbell on my face. I wanted to quit. I wanted to pour a cup of coffee and watch TV, but quitting is for losers. So here I am, jelly armed and loving it.

Thanks Sultan! You’re the man.

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