Aaptiv Review Day 10

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This is day 10 of my 30 day Aaptiv review.

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The weather here is so gloomy. It is really depressing. It feels like it has been raining forever. We live in the South and typically just get soul sucking heat, but lately we have been having rain, rain, and more rain.

I am actually writing this from my front porch in hopes of getting some sunlight. For those of you who live in places like Anchorage or Seattle, I’m sorry. I do not know how you deal with the gloom.

I started today off with my new favorite shirt that my daughter gave me for my birthday. I’m a sucker for long sleeved tee shirts.

Then I added a therapy light and some dairy free dark chocolate.

I still barely had the motivation to workout. What I really wanted was a good book and the couch. Too bad books don’t build arm muscles. So alas, I decided to pick some arm workouts and go for it.

Today I decided to go for three different workouts:

Quick Back Workout with Jessica was exactly what it claimed to be. A super fast back workout- definitely not a stand alone workout. I chose to do the rows with both arms at once, instead of one at a time. It allowed me to get more reps in.

I really enjoyed Upper Cut with Jaimie. Jamie is really good at making a quick, basic workout not feel basic at all. She always manages to throw in exercises that I have never done before. I have never used weights during bird dogs or side planks. I also like that she doesn’t talk too much. She says what needs said, and then she lets you enjoy the music. This was a quick workout, but very effective.

Lastly, I did Up in Arms with Mike Septh. Mike starts with military presses,  something I would call a V-lift (though I really have no idea what it is called) that works the front of the shoulders, then shoulder taps, and finally, planks. Repeat x FIVE. Five times was hard to get through, but so worth it in the end. I’m building some arm muscles for sure, which is a very good thing since I promised you some after photos!

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