My Favorite New Shirt

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I want to share with you guys the awesome shirt my husband gave me for my birthday. I am all about shirts for moms with a sense of humor. I think I am going to wear this one every single day. It is soft, comfie, and pretty  much sums up what I am thinking most of the time.












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And it was a good reminder because my two year old wasn’t feeling great and decided to throw a massive tantrum in Target this morning. After kicking and screaming bloody murder for a little bit, she laid flat on her face and played dead for a full ten minutes. Those ten minutes were the most peaceful shopping I have done in a long time!¬†

Poor kid. If there had been any way to avoid this shopping trip, I would have.

I hope you guys have an awesome weekend! I will be back later today to post day 11 of my 30 day Aaptiv review.

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