Aaptiv Review Day 12

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Day 12 of my 30 day Aaptiv Review! How is that even possible? Almost halfway there!

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I can feel my arm muscles growing, but I am not sure if you can see them. 12 days is not very long at all. My legs are much firmer and are stronger as well.

I am in horrible shape as far as cardio goes, so I am going to try to up my cardio work over the next 18 days. I am thinking I will add some HIIT in to get my blood pumping.

Today I planned on doing multiple arm workouts, but I did one short one and then jumped on the trampoline with my son. The weather is amazing today! We jumped on the trampoline, hiked around in the woods, and then went for ice cream.

If you have anyone in your family with a dairy or wheat allergy, I do not recommend Baskin Robbins. I took my son there thinking I could get a sorbet, but at our branch even the sorbet had milk in it. Who does that?

There were two options. TWO. In the entire store that were dairy free. I chose daiquiri ice because the label said it was beachy. I was dreaming of coconut and pineapple, but it actually tasted like Children’s Tylenol that had been stuck in the freezer for a few years.

Baskin Robbins should do better; everyone else does.

Frozen Tylenol…yum.

Today I did So Much More Dumbbell with Sultan Malik. It was a quick workout that targeted the biceps and triceps. What I like about this workout is that the rests are short and you keep moving during them.

If you did this workout a couple times you would get in some cardio and a great arm workout. The active rest consisted of high knees. This allows you to get your heart rate up quickly. Sweating in just 10 minutes: impressive.

Sultan never disappoints. I am a big fan of “The Beast of Aaptiv”.

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