Aaptiv Review Day 13

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This is day 13 of my Aaptiv Review.

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So, being totally honest, I begged my son and my husband to workout and do a review for me today. My toddler has taken to getting up at 3am and staying up until time for me to be on-call in the morning. This mama is exhausted.

There were no takers, so I kept with my promise to work on cardio and try some treadmill work. I chose Sweat Me a River because I liked the title, it didn’t mention sprints, and I enjoy some JT.

As I mentioned yesterday, my cardio is pathetic. Confession: I get tachy going up the stairs even though I exercise daily. I don’t really focus on cardio because it is not fun.

I also have a history of heart problems, so this is an area I need to strengthen. We all do.

Did you know that aerobic exercise actually builds new blood flow to your heart muscle? You can repair your heart with exercise!

I’m convinced that almost anything can be healed with diet and exercise.

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Back to today’s workout, this treadmill work was done by Rochelle. This is the first time I have worked out with her as my trainer. She was wonderful!

Rochelle was tough, encouraging, and not too wordy (are you figuring out that I can’t stand wordy?).

Sweat Me a River delivers a killer leg workout and lots of cardio. You start out at a low incline and a brisk walk. From there, you gradually increase speed to 6.5 and incline all the way up to 8 (not at the same time). Once you reach the top of the hill, you start to decrease your incline and speed some, until you are jogging at an incline of 2.

This girl cannot run on a 6.5. Between my heart rate reaching explosion level, and the fact that my legs are about two inches long, it just isn’t happening.

If I’m running on a 6.5, you should probably get out of my way because I am burning off a whole lot of angry.

When my heart rate reached 190 (sad, I know), I decided to give in and decrease my speed. When I decreased my speed, I increased my incline to make up for it. At one point, I was at a ten incline.

This was an amazing workout even though I was terrible at it. There was definitely sweat. Not so much a river as maybe a small pond. If I had ran those 6.5 speeds, there would be a river.

I don’t dig selfies, but here is proof of my sweat.


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