Aaptiv Review Day 14

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This is Day 14 of my 30 day Aaptiv Review.

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I am feeling stronger, more toned, and I look forward to using Aaptiv. If I weren’t at home with my kiddos trying to get school done, I would try several workouts each day. It is a bit addictive having a constant stream of new workouts on my phone.

Today I wanted to work my arms out really well. To be honest, I am really feeling the pressure of making my after pictures noticeably different. I probably shouldn’t have chosen the one muscle that I struggle to build. But hey, I like a good challenge.

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I chose Dumbbell Directions with Mike for today’s workout.

My thoughts were that 25 minutes of arms would be a thorough workout that used lots of different exercises to target the different muscles in the arms.

I was really surprised that we started off with three rounds of squats and lunges. Dumbbells are used for these exercises, but only for extra weight. The arms are not doing anything.

I wanted every minute to count for my arms, so I paused Aaptiv and searched “Dumbbell Directions Mike Septh” to make sure I had read the description correctly.

I found this page on Aaptiv:

aaptiv review

I though maybe I just wasn’t giving it enough time, but as the workout continued, I began to feel like it should be labeled full body instead of upper. There were arm exercises, but nothing too intense.

Later, I found where there is a discrepancy in the descriptions.

real aaptiv review
This one says upper body.


honest aaptiv review
This one says full body, and I believe full body is a better description.

Dumbbell Directions was a good full body workout. Please don’t let my complaints about the description deter from that. I am here to write a completely honest review, so I will share with you any flaws I find with Aaptiv.

I enjoy listening to Mike Septh. He always gives a quick rundown of what exercises you will be doing. Then he repeats how to do each exercise when it is time to do it. I appreciate his reminder to not “kiss the dumbbells” with military presses because I inevitably manage to bump mine every time. I love military presses. I can feel my arms getting tighter after each set.

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