Aaptiv Review Day 16

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Today is day 16 of my 30 day Aaptiv review.

Interested in trying Aaptiv? You can listen to sample lessons or even try Aaptiv free for 30 days!


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Today I want to talk about two things: How awesome the Aaptiv trainers are, and how I really wish the app’s filter had one more option.

Hopefully, I will be adding a workout to this review tonight, but I am planning a surprise birthday dinner and may not be able to squeeze it in.

First up, the Aaptiv trainers. There are 21 AMAZING Aaptiv instructors.

These trainers are not just your run-of-the-mill personal trainers. They all have serious credentials, are featured in magazines and on websites, run their own businesses, and are the best of the best.

Another wonderful perk of being an Aaptiv member that Aaptiv does not brag about is the ability to contact trainers directly.

You can email any trainer via the app by selecting the envelope as shown below. 

Most of the instructors give their Instagram username at the end of each workout. They invite you to message them with any questions you may have.

I decided to test this out by asking Sultan a question about triceps. He answered with a few hours. His reply was well thought out, and his advice was solid. He recommended a healthy diet, training the entire body as a whole, and getting plenty of sleep.

I was very impressed and a bit giddy because I am becoming a bit of a Sultan fan girl. His workouts are impressive, but more importantly, what he has done with his life is a powerful example of how we can reinvent ourselves with hard work and perseverance.

So for about 9 dollars a month, you can have 21 personal trainers available to you 24/7. That is an impressive deal!

Now for my one complaint. So far, this has been the only feature of the Aaptiv app that annoys me. I really want the app developers at Aaptiv to add just one more filter.

Currently, you can search by time, trainer, music genre, difficulty, and class status. I want to be able to search by muscle group. For example, when I go to strength training, I have to scroll through an endless sea of full body and lower body workouts, when all I want is upper body.

I would LOVE to be able to filter out the stuff I am not looking for. I can’t stand scrolling through my phone, and it would save me so much time. So come on Aaptiv, please add this feature!

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