Aaptiv Review Day 18

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This is day 18 of my 30 day Aaptiv review.

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Today’s workout was Relax Right Now with Ceasar Barajas.

I chose to do yoga today for three reasons: I’m sore and in desperate need of some relaxation, I don’t like yoga, and I’m not very familiar with it, so it seemed like a good way to see if I could follow along with Aaptiv’s audio only format.

First things first, I still don’t like yoga. I just don’t. I can’t get into all the talk about inner light and self love. Although, I will say that Ceasar gave the Braveheart of yoga speeches about living our lives with kindness and perseverance. For a minute there, I was really feeling it. Maybe yoga is like vegetables, the more you eat, the more you like them.

So could I follow along with audio only? Yes, for the most part.

Relax Right Now is an intermediate workout, and there were only two times when Ceasar mentioned poses without giving a detailed description of how to do them. The poses were upward dog and downward dog. From what little I know about yoga, an intermediate level yogi would know exactly what he was talking about.

I love how Ceasar would say, “maybe”. Maybe I wasn’t doing the pose exactly like he said. Maybe I put my own spin on it. Maybe I was more comfortable in a slightly different position. Either way, it’s all good.

Another thing I liked about Ceasar as a trainer was that his voice didn’t put me to sleep.

If I liked yoga, I would enjoy practicing with Ceasar and Aaptiv.

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