Aaptiv Review Day 23

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This is day 23 of my 30 day Aaptiv review.

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Today I decided to show my glutes some love and do Lift Yourself Up with Rochelle.

I worked up a sweat with this 20 minute workout and was also able to get my heart rate up with the skater jumps.

I wrangled my teenager into doing this workout with me, and it was a good workout for him even though he plays soccer daily.

Since I always try to keep reviews in mind when doing these workouts, I have to say that there was almost no instruction in Lift Yourself Up. This workout is labeled beginner, and if I were truly a beginner, I wouldn’t have been happy with the lack of directions. This is typically not the case with Aaptiv.

While most people who are trying to get fit probably know what a lunge is, many may not be familiar with glute bridges, and very few would know how to do skater jumps (I don’t think I would put those in beginner workouts anyway). I was surprised at there being no explanation as to what these things are.

It would be of huge benefit if the app had a glossary of frequently used movements and how to do them. It would be even better if there was video or diagrams worked into the workout. If you didn’t need it, you could just listen. If you needed to know what a skater jump looked like, you could glance at your device to see.

Again, there is usually a lot more instruction than this workout contained, so it is typically not an issue.

All in all, it was a great workout, but could use a lot more instruction to be a true beginner workout.

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