Aaptiv Review Day 24

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This is day 24 of my Aaptiv Review.

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Today I chose three ADVANCED workouts. See that? Day 24 and I made it through three advanced classes! They were all great, as usual, but I made a few rookie mistakes along the way.

First, I did Upper Body Come Up with Jen with my teenager who took my lighter weights and stuck me with tens. Thanks man.

Then I made the mistake of thinking Ben was done shouting at me to do mountain climber


He wasn’t.

And During the second FOUR HUNDRED YEAR long set of mountain climbers, I yelled and tipped off my two year old to my whereabouts.

She is sick right now, so my lower body workout looked like this.

I want to take a second here to say that I am not a fitness blogger, and I never will be (you could probably tell that by my lame iPhone photos). I am not comfortable spending so much time being photographed just so everyone can judge my appearance.

However, if I were, I would absolutely photograph how much my backside has benefited from Aaptiv. There is a major difference! Without saying too much (my kids read this blog), there is muscle where there should be and things are looking fuller and higher.

The best part of the glutes improving is that I never really tried to improve them. I just chose whatever workouts sounded good to me, and I have mostly focused on arm strengthening. The derrière is just a bonus!

Back to how I did the advanced arms with Jen using the heavier weights. After that, I did Ben’s core class which had lots of planks, so by the time everything was said and done, my arms were jelly. So this happened when I was making a glass of water…

All in all, I’m calling today a success; broken glass and all.




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