Aaptiv Review Day 26

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This is Day 26 of my 30 Day Aaptiv review.

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We woke up when it was still dark this morning to travel to the mountains for a little vacation time with the kiddos. It has been a very long day, and we are all wiped out from walking all afternoon and evening.

Even so, I still had the opportunity to squeeze in an Aaptiv class tonight before putting the kids to bed.

Our room is smaller than expected, and the balcony I had hoped to use is practically in the parking lot. I could have made the space work if I had to, but my husband was kind enough to hang out with the littles while I went to the fitness room.

Since I couldn’t find the fitness room at first, I was able to get a little running in by running around the building to the information desk, and then all the way back to the back of the building and upstairs to the fitness room. The quick run made for a good warm up.

I did AMRAP (as many reps as possible) for the Road with Jessica because it is designed to be used when you are traveling and don’t have equipment available.

AMRAP for the Road is an advanced workout, and the inclined push-ups were way too advanced for me. I had to modify to make it through. There were also:

Up and down planks

Hold planks

One legged lunges

Sumo squats with kicks (love these!)

Pulse squats

I’m finding that my legs and rear are getting stronger much faster than my arms. It may be the way I’m built, or it could be a male/female thing. I’m not really sure, but I plan to keep working on it.

My arms feel stronger when I am doing normal activity. Just not when faced with things like incline push-ups.

Tomorrow promises to be another exhausting day of fun filled activities with the kiddos, but I plan to try another new class tomorrow night.

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