Aaptiv Review Day 27

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This is day 27 of my 30 day Aaptiv review.

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Today has been another busy vacation day.

I was stuck in our hotel room for tonight’s workout. I had an extremely small space to work with and no equipment at all.

Yesterday, I did AMRAP on the Road, which is designed for traveling. AMRAP required a couple things that almost any room has, like a bench, chair, and a heavy object for weight.

Tonight’s class was Star Strength with Marq, and I would consider it an even better hotel workout. The only requirement was a wall for tricep work. I managed to complete Star Strength in my tiny space. I will add a photo later when I have my laptop.

Even though Star Strength was perfect for exercising in a hotel, I did not enjoy the workout. It was 30 minutes long with very little variety. I didn’t find the music or Marq to be motivating.

This was an advanced class, but Marq still gave detailed instruction. I always appreciate the extra instruction. It helps me if I zone out for a minute and need to figure out what I am supposed to be doing. It is also helpful when I am not familiar with an exercise.

I think I would pass on doing Star Strength again, but it got the job down. Plank push-ups will wear your arms out fast, and the sit-ups had my abs on fire. I just did not feel energized or excited about it at all.



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