Aaptiv Review Day 28

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This is day 28 of my 30 day Aaptiv review.

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*This review was written at two AM, in a dark hotel room, in the middle of five snoring family members after I caught a few hours sleep. Have mercy on me please!

We are at an indoor water park with our kids right now, and their favorite thing to do is the water slides. The downside is that each ride requires about four million steps to the top before you get to slide down. In addition to the hike up, you have to carry a massive raft on top of your head.

All of that to say, I worked my lower body plenty today, so I did core with Ackeem for this review.

I chose Ackeem because I am completely exhausted, and he is the most motivating and encouraging instructor that I have tried on Aaptiv. This class did not disappoint: Ackeem was amazing!

Core Foundation will set your abs on fire and make you like it. This workout covers bicycles, leg lifts, and knee hugs. Each movement is done slowly and with perfect form to get the most from your workout and to prevent lower back injury.

If you want a great core workout, Core Foundation is the perfect choice.

If you want to be so tired that you almost lose your will to blink and breathe, I suggest an indoor water park with four children.



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