Aaptiv Review Day 30 The Before and After Photos!

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Alright guys, this is day 30 of my 30 day Aaptiv review!

Interested in trying Aaptiv?

You can try Aaptiv free for 30 days.

There is so much to say about Aaptiv, and I plan on updating this post with a lot more detail, but I want to go ahead and get these photos posted.

I wish you could FEEL the before and after. My arms are so much stronger and much firmer than they were 30 days ago.

When you are looking at these photos, keep in mind you are looking at the front view of my left arm and the back view of my right, so two different arms. I have no idea why I did that. I couldn’t go back 30 days and fix it, so I had to do the same thing today.

Also, this is just 30 days. Imagine what 60 and 90 would look like!

My left arm is stronger than my right because I carry my toddler on that side. 🙂 #momperks

Note the hanging flab and shoulder crease
There is a lot less hanging flab and the shoulder crease is almost gone
Again with the flab and crease
No more flab. That is actually firm now. Shoulder crease is almost gone.
Flab hangs down starting at under arm. You can see the shadow by my underarm where it turns to just flab.
The shadow by my underarm is gone because that is a full muscle now. Even not flexed. The flab is now nice and pulled in.
Not much muscle to speak of, though my flab didn’t look too bad from this angle.
I have a more rounded muscle now. My bicep isn’t flat.

The biggest differences are in body parts I cannot post. My backside is much higher and firmer. It is also rounder, especially in the medial glutes (the forgotten butt muscles that tend to deflate on the side). My husband has commented on the difference.

My legs are much stronger, and I can do 180 squat jumps with no problem at all. It feels amazing to have so much more power.

I can see a difference in my abs as well. I officially have an ab and a half on each side. 🙂 After four kids and just 30 days of Aaptiv, that is pretty impressive.

Aaptiv has given me energy to do things like jump on the trampoline with my kids and climb the stairs to the water slide a trillion and one times.

I no longer need a nap. Not that I ever really got a nap in, but usually at about one in the afternoon, I crash. That doesn’t happen anymore. I have a cup of coffee, but it is more out of tradition than survival.

Guys, I love Aaptiv, and I am going to lengthen this review several times over, but I just want to leave you with this:

If you try Aaptiv free for 30 days, you have nothing at all to lose, but you stand to gain so very much. Is there anyone who doesn’t want to be happier, stronger, and more energetic?

Having 21 personal trainers in your pocket at all times, is worth the small cost of Aaptiv. There are no more excuses. Everyone has 10 minutes throughout their day to fit in a quick, energizing workout. If I can do it with all that I have going on, anyone can!




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