How to Put Money in Your Pocket Today

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How to Put Money in Your Pocket Today

Before we dive into all the many businesses, side hustles, and jobs you can use to earn an income, let’s talk about how to get some cash into your pocket right now.

Sometimes we need cash RIGHT NOW. Whether it is an unexpected bill, a flat tire, or you are just totally broke and cannot wait on a paycheck, there are ways to fix the problem immediately.

I am serious here.

If you woke up this morning feeling overwhelmed because you know you don’t have money for groceries, I promise you that you can make at least a hundred dollars by tonight, but more likely a few hundred if you really hustle. Hustle is key.

Sell Your Stuff.

The first and easiest way is to start selling everything that isn’t nailed down. Don’t use it? Keeping it because it was a gift? Don’t like it that much? Sell it all!

Start with gold.

Start with gold because it earns the most. Do you have gold jewelry in your jewelry box that you hang on to, but never wear? Time to take it to the pawn shop.

Pawn shops are not just for pawning items; these places buy things as well. Jewelry, electronics, and many other kinds of items are always welcome.

Last fall, my children were saving up for a vacation and I donated some of my old jewelry to them. This was not expensive or attractive jewelry. We are talking Walmart gold jewelry that my parents gave me as a teen- rings, earrings with no mate, broken necklaces.

It amounted to a very small bag: like the size of a business card. They took it to the first pawn shop we saw and came out with 230 dollars! No haggling, just sold it for the first price offered, and they had a decent chunk of change toward their vacation.

You have lots of stuff to sell; I promise.

Selling your stuff is helpful in more ways than one. It not only puts cash in your pocket right away, it declutters your home.

A decluttered home is a decluttered life. With every item you rid yourself of, you will have more money and more control over your life. It will feel so good!

Having trouble letting go of things? Read The Life-changing Magic of Tidying Up. By the time you are finished, you will have your children in the sell pile.

One little side note about Marie Kondo. She has some pretty kooky ideas about objects having feelings. They don’t. Your purse doesn’t need you to tell it, “Thank you for your service” before you sell it. Just sell it.

Also, That is an affiliate link. If you purchase an item through one of my links, I earn a small commission at no extra cost to you. I listened to it for free on Hoopla. Free is fabulous!

If you don’t have anything to sell, you aren’t looking hard enough. You can sell pretty much anything in your house and even quite a bit of stuff from your yard. Things you can sell that you might not think of are:

Flower bulbs from your yard

Trees, plants, and shrubs from your yard

Old building supplies

Wooden pallets (you can thank Pinterest for that one)

Pine straw

Pine trees

Kitchen gadgets (like the juicer you never use)

Exercise equipment

Name brand shoes and clothes


Baby gear and clothes

Lawn care tools and equipment

Books- Take them to a used book store

Sell your photos to be used for stock photos to sites like Dreamstime

Recreational and sports equipment

Kid’s toys and playground equipment

Breast milk- You can sell it at Only the Breast

Maternity clothes- these always go fast

Handmade crafts

Old electronics

Unwanted gift cards

Sell your plasma

Sell free items that you found on Craigslist

Where to sell your stuff

When I say sell your unwanted belongings, most people think of a yardsale or ebay, but when you need cash now, neither of those will work.

Facebook- My very favorite place to sell things is Facebook Marketplace. Join every local yardsale page within driving distance of you and start posting your items to all of them.

Letgo- letgo is great app for selling your things. I have used it a lot and had great success. I even sold an old light fixture that I was fine with throwing in the garbage. You never know what people will be interested in!

Offerup is very similar to letgo. Just post your items and wait for offers to come in.

Craigslist is a possibility, especially if you are selling large items, but I don’t find it very helpful for making money fast. In my experience, Craigslist users are less reliable.

Nextdoor- Nextdoor is a site that connects neighbors and those in surrounding areas with each other. I have had great success posting items on Nextdoor.

An alternative to selling your belongings, that will still put cash in your wallet TODAY is to:

Offer up a service

The best way to make money immediately by selling your services is to spread your availability far and wide. Shout it on Facebook and Nextdoor that you had an unexpected opening in your schedule today, and you can fit in some babysitting: or graphic design, landscape, housekeeping, whatever the case may be.

Fake it until you make it! Don’t make yourself sound desperate. Make your potential customers sound lucky.

Go ahead and list all the details of what you do, where you do it, and how much it costs. This will prevent answering those questions later and losing precious time. Remember the goal here is money RIGHT NOW.

Drive with Uber- This one is totally out of my comfort zone, but money is money. If you can drive and have a four door car, go for it. Drive around making some cash today.

Check out Task Rabbit. Your neighbors need all sorts of things done today, and you can be the one to do them. Just hop on to Task Rabbit (see what I did there?) and make some money helping out local folks.

Become a hitman. Not really. Just checking to see if you were still with me.

What are some creative ways you have found to make money fast? I would love to hear from you!







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