The Ultimate Mom’s Guide to Earning a Paycheck from Home

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Dear friends,

I am so tired of seeing you struggle, worry, and lose sleep over money. I’m tired of seeing you at your wit’s end with your finances, looking under every nook and cranny for a way to make money, and I am beyond sick of seeing you pointed in the wrong direction.

I want to help you, and I want us to help each other. I don’t know if this is the beginning of a series, or just the start of a conversation, but I want us to talk about how to bring in more money to help our families and those around us.

This advice is geared toward stay at home moms, but it can help anyone who is looking for complete financial freedom or a just side hustle.

I want to help you take your unique, God-given talents and turn them into profit for your family, but first, let’s talk about what I’m not going to suggest.

I won’t tell you how to budget. I’ve said it before, I am the worst at budgeting, so I am the wrong person to give you advice on how to save enough money to relieve your financial stress. We won’t be talking about how to save money.

I won’t tell you to start a blog. I have written a post on how easy it is to start a blog in just ten minutes, but I would never suggest blogging as a solution for someone who is struggling financially and needs help now.

Blogging takes time, time, and more time. Blogging will not solve your money problems today, tomorrow, and probably not in six months.

I will NEVER recommend an MLM. I know that some people are making money hand over fist, vacations to remote islands, and pink Cadillacs, but for the other 99%, it isn’t happening.

MLM’s make money off of hope. They make money from the hope of stay at home moms who want freedom, financial relief, and more time with their families. The more hopeful moms who sign up, the more money the top tier makes. So there will be no MLM’s suggested here. MLM moms, please don’t take offense. I know some of you are killing it, but this series is going to be about guaranteed money: real jobs and side hustles that cannot fail.

I won’t be suggesting jobs that pay beans. Oh how it sickens me to see mamas working customer service jobs as independent contractors and earning less than minimum wage. No. Just no.

You are worth so much more than that! Your time is one of the most valuable things you have. I know there are desperate times, but there are BETTER ways than pecking and scratching for every cent.

I won’t be talking about survey sites. Did you know that I could sign up with a survey site and then get paid for getting you to sign up? That is why so many bloggers recommend them. Very few people are making an actual income with surveys.

Here is what I WILL do:

I will talk about side hustles you can start today that will earn you a profit tomorrow.

I will show you how to search for REAL work from home jobs that pay a legit paycheck, and many have benefits and paid time off.

I will show you how to spot a scam from a mile away.

I will show you how I have worked from home for the last 11 years.

I will show you how to be free. Whether that is free from the burden of financial struggle, free from a 9-5, or free from working for someone else entirely, is for you to decide. Whatever your goal, I want to help you get there.

Join me in the Countdown to Freedom. For me, that means quitting my nursing job to blog. For you, freedom may look very different. But let’s do it together.

We are going to start off with some ways to earn super fast cash to ease any immediate needs you may have.

Then we will move on to some basic work from home job search advice.

After that we will discuss many types of work from home jobs, businesses, and side-hustles.

Got questions? I would be overjoyed to help you find your freedom. Just comment below!

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