The Start of Our Little Forest Farm

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For as long as I can remember, we have wanted a big, tree filled yard for the kiddos to play in. We longed for privacy, freedom, and a place to truly make our own. I secretly wanted a huge farm, work boots, and a community garden stand too, but saw no need in scaring my husband with the idea.

Last July, after 15 years of subdivision life, we decided it was now or never. We put our house on the market, and it sold in less than 24 hours. There wasn’t even a sign in the yard yet! We had picked out another home and put an offer on it, but it was placed under contract a few hours earlier.

Renting wasn’t an option, so we prayed our hearts out and looked at every single house with any amount of land within driving distance to my husband’s job.

We bought a house on three acres of tree covered land only five minutes from the city. It is not the house we would have chosen if we had more options, but we are working to make it our own.

We have remodeled the kitchen and floors, and we are slowly repainting and changing other things throughout the house. Unfortunately, even though the yard is covered in trees, none of them seem to be growing money.

This means there will be things we have to deal with for quite a while, but it is a great way for us to learn patience.

Since we have to be patient with a lot of the “ugly” happening inside the house, we have a tendency to spend time outside reminding ourselves why we made such a drastic change in the first place.

The first thing we did was let the kids buy two Holland Lops.

This is Benny the Bunny. His wife, Snowball declines to be photographed at this time (you know how pregnant women are).

We keep them in separate hutches because what they say about rabbits is true. We let them honeymoon on February 23rd and are expecting kits (baby bunnies) in just a few days.

The kids have plans to sell the baby bunnies to their friends to restock feed and hay. My daughter will get the remaining profit because she is the primary bunny owner and caregiver.

We also have a dog and a cat, but I still wouldn’t say we were headed toward any type of farm life until today.

Today was an amazing day.

It was just one of those days that turned out more perfect than I could have hoped for.

My husband loves to hold the bunnies when he is stressed out. They bring him peace and calm. So for his birthday, we decided to get him a Flemish Giant. Flemish Giants are very large, docile rabbits.

I found one that was litter box trained for only 25 dollars. I thought it would be a great gift for my husband to keep in the house because our other pets are outside. I loaded up the kids for a two hour drive to pick up the new rabbit, not knowing what the day would bring.

The drive there was beautiful! If we had not succeeded in our bunny mission, I would have been happy just to hear the kids ooh and ahh over all the scenery. There are just no words that can describe the beauty of what God has created.

We stopped for lunch and found a tiny little hotdog restaurant that the kids really wanted to try out. It was the best!

Toddler hair don’t care

They had ice cream floats and cheese dogs with so much freshly shredded cheese that my two year old was squealing with joy. They couldn’t quit talking about how much they loved this place.

Once we reached the bunny rescue, I gave the kids a short lecture: “We are only getting one rabbit. Don’t even think about asking for two.” So we leave thirty minutes later with TWO rabbits. Why? The kids didn’t ask for the second rabbit. Nope. It was me. I was suckered in by all the adorable, giant rabbits.

We surprised my husband with them when he got home, and it was love at first sight.

It isn’t an illusion. She really has four hundred chins.

Did I mention I almost bought him goats for his birthday too? We both grew up with goats, and he frequently mentions that goats would clear all the overgrowth on our property. I think mostly, he loves them as pets.

I have spent the last couple weeks researching goat breeds and care until I found a couple for sale at a farm near us. I ALMOST surprised him with them, but decided I better let him make the final decision (that way, if it is a rotten idea, it wasn’t all mine). So I presented him with the book City Goats (affiliate link) and all my research.


He actually wants goats. We are planning on creating an enclosure tomorrow and choosing goats in a few days.

So two bunnies, a dog, and a cat do not a farm make.

But four bunnies, a dog, a cat, and two goats are definitely a start! It is a slippery slope from here (I hope). Next stop: chickens!


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