Pelvic Floor Exercises on the Go

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I am a little late to the party on this one, but I just found out that Hab-it, my favorite pelvic floor exercise DVD is available for streaming for only 12.95. I am so excited! Let me explain…

If you know me in real life and don’t want to read about my uterus and its close friends, please skip this post. Seriously, save yourself now.

After four children, I could write a book on pelvic floor health.

Your pelvic organs are one of those things you take for granted until they have a problem. But when you do have a problem, it is pretty much all you can think about.

My third child’s birth devastated my pelvic floor: I’m talking shock and awe here.

Nobody wants an outie when it comes to a cervix

In the weeks after his birth, I spent a lot of time crying over the fact that my cervix (among other things) had become an outie. My doctor told me surgery was the only fix.

After an absolute TON of research, I found Hab-it by Tasha Mulligan. Tasha is a physical therapist who specializes in pelvic floor health. I ordered her DVDs right away, and within a few weeks, my organs were back where they needed to be.

My fourth delivery caused a large part of my uterus to prolapse (fall right on out). It was UGLY. My nurse ran from the room in a panic to page the midwife. Things you never want to see: your nurse sprinting from your room with a horrified look on her face.

When the midwife came in, she said, “Yep, that’s your uterus. I’ve never seen one come out that far.”

She put it back for me (This is far more literal than I would like it to be), and explained it would get a little better with time, but surgery was in my future.

I started Hab-it as soon as I got home from the hospital, and I was able to correct my prolapse COMPLETELY and without surgery. Thanks to Hab-it, I didn’t even have to leave my house for physical therapy.

I cannot say enough about what Tasha has done for me. All my organs are on the “up and up”. I have no stress incontinence. I can laugh, cough, and sneeze with no issues. I can even jump on the trampoline with my kids!

However, I do have a confession here. I have been abusing my pelvic floor muscles with high-impact workouts, lots of heavy lifting, and not using my physical therapy DVDs like I should. The reason?

My DVD player is in the basement. Sad right? If you read my Aaptiv review, you know that time is something I have very little of. I need workouts that can come with me wherever I am, even if it happens to be in the bathroom while my toddler plays in the tub. That is why I love Aaptiv so much.

So yes, the fact that I only had Hab-It on DVD deterred me from using it like I should. #momproblems. I have noticed lower back and tailbone pain creeping in. These are both symptoms of pelvic floor dysfunction that are often misdiagnosed.

Yesterday, it hurt to sit down even on the couch, so I knew I had to start doing Hab-It a few times a week and being kinder to my pelvic floor muscles. I looked at Tasha’s site to see if I could purchase a digital copy, and it is available for only 12.95!

I immediately purchased it and played it on the Vimeo app. Where? The bathroom while my toddler played in the tub of course!

If you have any problems with your pelvic floor, I highly recommend Hab-It. I cannot recommend it enough!


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