I Threw Poop at My Husband~ A Cautionary Tale

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There’s a title you don’t see every day. I threw poop at my husband.

Last Sunday, I told my husband, “If you fall asleep, I promise I am going to dump this dirty diaper on your head.”

He fell asleep, snoring gloriously loud while I did laundry and chased the toddler.

So when he woke up, I JOKINGLY hovered the diaper over his head.

This would be my husband as I chuckled and hovered a diaper over him.

Well, the contents of the diaper fell out onto my husband. Let me make this clear: I dropped a gigantic turd onto my husband. It was an accident, but a giant turd to the head all the same.

I have a photo of this part too, but I will spare you.

I ran faster than I have ever ran before and locked myself in the bathroom. All the while, laughing until I almost peed my pants.This may have been the hardest I have ever laughed in my entire life.

He stalked me for about 30 minutes with what I am sure were evil intentions, but he finally gave up.

All that to say, never pretend you will put poop on someone unless you plan to do it.


3 thoughts on “I Threw Poop at My Husband~ A Cautionary Tale

  1. ohh how I wish I could do that for every time my husband slipped away from the chaos to sleep too hahaha thanks for this very funny little story ;p
    ♥ Mother Body Soul

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