Is KidPik Worth It? A Sceptic’s Review

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A Totally Honest Kidpik Review

Being totally honest here, KidPik reviews (specifically unboxing videos) annoy me to no end. I have seen them all over my Facebook feed and this is how it usually goes:

Kid opens box. Kid oohs and aahs and OMGs for several minutes, “OMG, this is like totally the cutest dress ever. How totally cute! I love it! OMG. OMG. This is the best moment of my entire life.” GAG.

These videos just come off as very first world, entitled kinda kids. The exact opposite of the kids I am trying to raise.

Well, as with many things that I judge off first glance, I have changed my mind (about KidPik, not the video reviews). We really like KidPik and this is how we found out.

Get 15 dollars of your first KidPik box 

One day, out of curiosity and mostly to feed my already negative opinion of KidPik and parents who would do something as wasteful as get a Stitchfix type box for an eight year old, I looked at the comments on one of the tacky videos in my feed.

That is when I saw the average price of each item is 12.50. Hmm… My daughter needs summer clothes, I hate shopping in store, and she would think it was really cool to give it a try. There was no stylist fee and therefore nothing to lose. The price was right, so I decided to give it a go.

She answered lots and lots of questions about her personal style, which I thought would be pointless because I know her personally, and I still can’t pick out things that she likes. She is a very picky child.

KidPik also won MAJOR points with me by asking if modesty was a requirement. I didn’t like that they group knee length shorts and dresses with long sleeves and crew necks, but the effort was there when most companies do not care at all about modesty. Our family always aims to be modest, so this a win for KidPik in our opinion.

My daughter liked that they asked her how sparkly she is. She’s not sparkly at all. Sequins and glitter gag her, which is why we frequently shop Primary for her clothing.

When her box arrived, it came with a personalized sticker with her name on it. The itemized list made it easy to see how much each item would cost with and without the 30% discount for purchasing the entire box. We didn’t need the return shipping bag, but it would have been a breeze to throw unwanted items back in and send them back for free.

Her items were PERFECT for her with the exception of one shirt that had words on it. She doesn’t like words on her clothing (another win for Primary). Everything else was like she had picked it herself. The colors were all her favorites, and the shorts were knee length with a stretchy waist band.

The fabrics are all very soft and pretty. Everything feels like good quality. She liked that an inexpensive pair of sunglasses in her favorite color were included.

What I liked most was the price. She received two shirts, a pair of shorts, two dresses, sandals, and sunglasses.  The entire box was only 73 dollars! That is not something we would spend just for fun, but she needs clothes for summer.

You can get 15 dollars off your first box, which would have made my daughter’s entire box just 58 bucks!

KidPik offers a 30% discount if you keep the entire box, so it cost less for me to keep the one item she didn’t like. She still happily wears it; it just isn’t her favorite.

Not her favorite, but still cute

In spite of having doubts in the beginning, I actually signed her up to receive a box next month too.  It saves time shopping for me and she gets to try looks that she might not have picked in store.

These sandals go with all the clothes in her box

I did have an issue with one of her shirts shrinking after I dried it. I had followed the care instructions, so I emailed KidPik yesterday. I will let you know how they respond. *Update* KidPik emailed me back and let me know they were sending my daughter a replacement shirt, as well as letting their quality department know.

She likes how soft this dress is, and the color is perfect.

If you purchase a KidPik box from one of my links, you get 15 dollars off, and I get credit too. Win!

The free gift is a cute bag filled with buttons

Update- This is our second box. My daughter really likes everything in it. The shoes are a little “quirky”, but she likes those too.

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