Why I Will No Longer Shop at Children’s Place

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Dear Children’s Place,

I loved you. I really did. I’ve been shopping with you since my teenager was a baby. The prices are great, the quality is outstanding, and the clothes are cute. Well, they USED to be cute.

Today, I received an email that Children’s Place had 3.99 graphic tees. My five year old desperately needs some warm weather clothes, so I headed over to stock up on tees. This is what I found:

I don’t know and I don’t care. Really? That is the message we want our little boys to convey with their clothing? No thanks!

Spoiler Alert! I don’t Care- I care about how I raise my children. I’m not trying to raise jerks here. I am trying to raise kind, loving, generous human beings.


Sorry I’m Late; I didn’t want to come- Another kid’s shirt with an adult attitude (and not a good one at that).



Sorry I’m Late, I didn’t Want to Be Here- Pretty color, ugly words.

Close One: I Almost Had To Socialize. This particular shirt makes me laugh a little because I am an introvert. Even so, I would only wear this shirt for sleeping. Five year olds don’t even understand this shirt.

Excuse Loading… and it is also one more excuse not to shop at Children’s Place.

I See Rules as More of a Rough Guide- I’m sure most prisoners would agree with this.

Due to Unfortunate Circumstances, I am Awake- And due to unfortunate circumstances, I will not be shopping at Children’s Place anymore.

Please Don’t Make Me Do Stuff- Please don’t make me look at another awful graphic tee.

Fear not, Children’s Place wants your girls to be rude and tacky as well. And if that isn’t enough, they have made several feminist shirts for our daughters. While at the same time, slapping every shallow, stereotypical stock image possible onto their graphic tees.

Pick one Children’s Place. Are our girls special and powerful? Or are they nothing but sparkly divas and Instagram fanatics? Speaking of Instagram, you have to be 13 to join. So why is it on shirts made for five year olds?

Ask Me if I care- Ask me if I’ll be shopping at stores like Primary from now on- stores that let children be children.

Tell Someone Who Cares

Lazy- Not exactly something to brag about. Perhaps the designers at TCP are lazy?

It’s a Beautiful Day to Leave Me Alone

I Don’t Need You! I have Wi-Fi. 


This is just a tiny sample of the horrendous graphic tee selection at Children’s Place. Don’t get me wrong here. I love a funny tee. But what I don’t love is children wearing rude phrases on their clothing. Isn’t the world rude and hateful enough?

I had a couple cute baseball shirts in my cart, but I put them back. I cannot support a company that can’t do better than this.

The girl shirts were so bad they were almost laughable. There were unicorns and cats wearing tiaras while vomiting rainbows.

There were so many shirts with: #squad #snapchatqueen #instaqueen. It made me want to #barf.

Looking for a shirt for your four year old that says “Babe”? TCP has you covered. Here is the definition of “babe” from the Oxford Dictionary:


Since I am not a fan of pedophilia, I’m gonna pass on calling my daughter “babe”. Now I realize that Children’s Place wasn’t thinking of it that way. In fact, they weren’t thinking at all. That is the problem.

We should be thinking. Words are important, and we shouldn’t be plastering snarky phrases on the front of our children.

I am not going to lie; I’m going to miss Children’s Place. My son loves the stretchy waist band denim, and I think the boys dress clothes are adorable. However, I teach my children that we vote with our money, and I’m going to vote for better options. The world is becoming a pretty mean place to be, and we won’t be contributing to it by wearing shirts with mean words.

I hope these shirts go away and never come back. If they do, I will be happy to shop at TCP again.

There are better options out there. Actually, almost anywhere. I really appreciate companies like Primary that don’t put phrases on their children’s clothing at all.

There are also many shirts with kind and happy phrases. There are also plenty of funny shirts that are not rude or age inappropriate. These tees (and lots more) are available on Amazon.



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6 thoughts on “Why I Will No Longer Shop at Children’s Place

  1. Omg those tops are unbelievably terrible. I found my mouth gaping at those tees, so appalling for little ones to wear. Why would anyone plaster such negativity on their child?
    I went to the children’s place store not that long ago and found clothes quality to be much lower than before too, so I did not purchase. Guess now it’s just cheap and tacky…
    Primary looks nice, good quality, and timeless appropriate for children. Thanks for sharing 🙂
    ♥️ motherbodysoul.com

    1. I know, they are truly awful and this is just a small sample. 🙁 Thanks so much for taking the time to comment!

  2. Wow! These shirts are incredibly rude. I agree that I would never want my children wearing these. So sad that this is “trendy and cool”.

  3. My mother-in-law bought my son a shirt several years ago that said “I can explain it to you but I can’t understand it for you” – uhhh…NO. He doesn’t wear t-shirts with logo or saying on them (likes plain t-shirts) so he wouldn’t wear a single one she bought (because she refuses to listen when I give her ideas) – but I wouldn’t have let him wear that one if he did. Thanks for the heads up – I will not shop at Children’s Place either and completely agree with your post!

    1. I wouldn’t have been okay with that one either. We went to Gatlinburg in March. It is very family oriented, but even so, every single t-shirt shop had horrible shirts on display. The one I noticed the most said, “I’m not gay, but 20 bucks is 20 bucks.” Obviously, that is much worse than TCP, but wow. I feel like if my kid wants to wear a shirt like that, I haven’t done my job well enough.

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