Be Proud of What You DID Accomplish This Week! By Mommin’ Made Me Crazy

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This week, several posts popped up in my Facebook feed that made me a little sad.  Several friends posted about not getting enough accomplished throughout their week.  They asked others for advice, commented on the laundry mountain that covered their couch, and just wished there were more hours in a day.

These posts made me think of things I didn’t accomplish.  Although, had I not been checking Facebook, I may have been able to get things done.

Looking around the house it was easy to see the things that needed to be attended to. The floors needed to be swept and vacuumed.  The counters needed wiping down.  There was laundry waiting to be folded and put away. Just to name a few.

And let’s not get started on the dusting that hasn’t been done in such a long time.   It’s so easy to feel bad about the things that you aren’t getting done.  Especially if you also have children to take care of as well.

Feeling bad about myself is not something I enjoy doing.  I’m sure no one else does either.  So, I decided to think about the things I had accomplished in this past week.

Packed lunches for my two girls and walked them to and from school everyday.  This included running home and laughing with my oldest as we tried and failed to beat the rain

Swept the kitchen floor several times a day thanks to my youngest spilling lots of things.

Turned the large laundry mountain into small hills of laundry and placed those hills in the correct bedrooms.  So what if nothing got hung up until the weekend!

I changed diapers.  To include the ones I changed for the children I watch at my childcare job I go to twice a week.

Cooked dinner every night and made my oldest a different dinner since she is a very choosy eater.

Picked up toys over and over throughout the week and sat with my son to watch Curious George.

Filled the dishwasher every night and only forgot to turn it on once.

Went to a Change of Responsibility ceremony for my husband (he’s in the Army)

Sat with my girls every evening to help with homework and watched my kindergartener smile so big while she read a book to me.

I grocery shopped, spent time working on decorations for Vacation Bible school at the church we attend, worked on my new Bible study.

Set up a parent teacher conference, took gifts to the girls teacher for teacher appreciation week.

Went to help a friend jump her van even though I have never done that, and we didn’t get it to work.  We did laugh a lot though.

I even went to a yoga event with other Army wives and no children!

So while my house isn’t the cleanest, I refuse to feel bad about it, and you shouldn’t either.

Stand proud in the middle of that laundry that isn’t quite finished and those dishes that need to be put away.

Grab your cup of coffee and drink it before it gets cold because you have done plenty this week and need a break.



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