How I get to Church on Time with Four Kids

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How I get to Church on Time with Four Kids

Having trouble making it to Bible class on time with your little ones? You are not alone! As a Bible class teacher, I frequently hear, “We just can’t get here on time.”

I understand it can be difficult getting out the door on Sunday mornings, but it is important for many reasons:

Making Bible class a priority teaches your kids that God takes number one priority in your life. Being on time for school and work, but not Bible class sends the message that learning about God isn’t as important as worldly things.

Missing Bible class, but showing up for worship is hard on small children. They miss the message that was prepared for their age group. They don’t get to see their friends and fellowship like they would if they were in class. They don’t get their wiggles out before having to sit still for an hour.

Kids build a foundation in Sunday school. This is where they learn about Adam and Eve, Noah, Jesus, and The Apostles. They should learn these things at home as well, but the singing together, memory work, and crafts make learning the Bible fun for small children.

Showing up late disrupts class, especially for the youngest groups. Every time the classroom door opens, they expect Mommy or Daddy to be there. Many times, a child coming into class late will cause the other children to cry for their parents. If you’ve ever taught this class before, you know how frustrating that can be.

It is a show of respect for your child’s teachers. Most of our Bible class teachers don’t have children in Bible class, but they spend their time and often their own money creating fun lessons to help your kids get to Heaven. Scriptures say that as teachers, they will be held to a higher standard. They do this out of the goodness of their hearts and for the love of your children. Showing up on time let’s them know that you don’t take all that work for granted.

This is how I make it to church on time with four kiddos:

I saved this post for a Sunday when my husband wasn’t home because I know that not all husbands help out when it comes to getting everyone out the door on time. My own husband helps some on Sunday mornings, but it still looks a lot like this:

This awesome photo belongs to From Blacktop to Dirt Road. Click the photo to visit the site, which is equally awesome.

I’ve tried to pinpoint what exactly it is that helps me get to church on time each and every Sunday, and I think there are two things that are most important.

Get up early.

I’m up by 7 at the absolute latest, but usually 6.

Don’t worry, if you can’t make yourself get up early, there are a few things you can do to get ahead of the busyness of Sunday mornings:

Get everything out the night before.

Set out Bibles, clothes, shoes, socks, belts (those always get lost), busy bags, your purse, your makeup, and anything else that will be needed. You can even set out bowls, spoons, and cereal. You can pour sippy cups of water and keep them ready in the fridge and have a bag of Cheerios already in your purse for services.

Make sure everyone showers the night before. If you straighten your hair, do that the night before. You can easily get your entire family ready in 30 minutes if all the prep work is done. Wake up, put on clothes, eat, and leave.

Don’t stay up late on Saturday night. You will have a much easier time getting everyone out of bed if they are well rested.

Be consistent.

There has never been a Sunday morning when we were well and skipped Bible class. In our house, If you aren’t bleeding out of your eyes, you are going to church and you are getting there on time. There is never a discussion. We don’t miss for vacation, sports, or any other event. It is what we have purposed in our hearts to do, and it always will be.

Aside from those two things, I don’t do anything special to get to services on time, but here is a detailed look at my morning just in case you are curious.

This is what my morning looked like today.

5 AM Toddler tells me it is time to get up. I tell her crack is whack and to go back to sleep

6 AM Toddler sweetly sings Twinkle Little Star in my ear. She is just two, but has learned that I think this is adorable and won’t get cranky if she wakes me up singing. I wake up and tell her good morning, but then turn on an episode of Little Einsteins so I can squeeze out 20 more minutes of shut eye.

630 there is no getting around it, I’ve gotta get up.

I take the toddler down to have milk for her and coffee for me, and we are out of coffee. Noooo! This is bad news ya’ll. I have to teach the baby class because a teacher is out sick. I NEED the coffee.

I wrangle our 12 week old land shark (German Shepherd) up to the terrace in the backyard so I can get ready without him attacking my ankles.

I eat breakfast with my toddler and then we head up for a shower. I get her dressed and fix her hair. Then I send her to wake up the big kids while I get myself ready. Waking people up is her specialty.

I’m not high maintenance when it comes to getting ready. I can do my skincare and makeup in five minutes. This includes: vitamin c serum, moisturizer, foundation, blush, eyeshadow, and mascara. I don’t bother with lipstick because my kids crawl all over me, and it gets on their clothes. My hair takes a little longer because I dry and flat iron it, but still, no more than 20 minutes total for hair and makeup.

I change my original outfit because I ate way too much yesterday, and I look four months pregnant with a food baby in my original choice of dress. I switch to some black pants and a flowy shirt. Problem solved.

After I am completely ready, I head down to make sure all the big kids are eating and getting showers.

We do cereal on Sunday mornings. Everyone can serve themselves except my toddler.

My teen feeds and waters the puppy for me. He’s pretty great like that.

I get everyone eating and started on showers. I bathe my five year old and give him the clothes I picked out. Then I help him with his hair.

I Start this blog post on my phone while my son is in the bathtub. I forget all my thoughts, so I have to write things down when inspiration hits.

At this point I realize that my husband will be home tonight and all we have to eat is ketchup. The kids and I are scavengers. We can thrive off of condiments, bread, and a few stray blackberries. My husband however, likes proper meals three times a day.

So I take 15 minutes to plan meals and buy groceries. 15 minutes? Yep. I add my meal ingredients into Our Groceries app when I have more time, so all I have to do is select some meals and it makes my list (and it is free!). Then I head over to the Walmart grocery app and plugged my list in. I scheduled pickup for later today. Groceries done!


I make my bed because I believe in bed making. I know it is a mystery to some, but my whole day goes badly if my bed is a mess.

My teenager comes to style his hair and I realize he has not showered. I send him down for a redo.

I make sure my five year old is working on his memory verse for class. We work on it throughout the week, but it always helps to have it fresh on their mind. He does a craft in class with the verse, so he just reads it to me over and over. I also give him his morning inhaler at this time.

I don’t like to return home to a mess, so I clean counters, put all the dirty dishes in the sink, and take out the trash.

I pack up my daughters quiet bag for worship service and make her a snack and sippy.

I look everyone over and make sure they have their Bibles. We take a quick picture for this post.

Everyone looks good and it is 9am. We have to leave at 910, so we load up early to buy a coffee. Again, I need the coffee. At this point, my head is starting to hurt.

I get my coffee, which feels like it takes forever and we stop by to pick up a widow who rides with us to every service.

We pull into the church parking lot at 925 and make it to class in time to learn about Noah.

We made it!


I don’t like selfies, but here I am, ready to teach Bible class on time.

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