Finding Time to Workout as a Mom

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Find time to exercise with a baby or toddler 

Ask any mom why they don’t exercise, and they will almost certainly answer with, “I don’t have time”. I get it, I really do. It is HARD to find time for yourself as a mom. There are children to take care of, errands to run, meals to cook, a home to clean, and maybe even a full-time job. Sometimes, a shower can feel like a pretty ambitious goal for the day.

I have been there and still am some days, but working out isn’t just for you. It is also for your husband and your children. When you take care of yourself, you set a good example for your family and give them the best version of you. Exercise makes us healthier, happier, and more energetic.

They say abs are created in the kitchen, and “they” are right, but to get the energy and motivation to work on that meal plan and do the grocery shopping, you might want to start by breaking a sweat.

Here are some real ways that moms can find time to workout.

I am going to start with my favorite way to find time to exercise, and that is by using Aaptiv. Aaptiv has workouts that take only ten minutes and will leave you sore the next day. Simply sign up for the free trial to start finding your favorite instructors and music genres. I used Aaptiv to get rid of both my afternoon nap and my arm flab. You can read more about Aaptiv and find my before and afters here.

Schedule your workout times

Make an appointment with yourself and keep it. Write it on your calendar for a time when you know you can make it work. Don’t be shooting for a five AM workout when you aren’t a morning person.

Decide if you want to do a few longer workouts or try to squeeze in a short workout each day. Either will be better than no workout at all. I personally, like to shoot for a short workout each day because breaking a sweat keeps me calm and happy.

Choose a workout you love

Don’t try to be a runner if you aren’t a runner. If you like to dance, dance. If you like to walk on the treadmill, then walk your way to fitness. Just be yourself and do what you like. Try workout videos on YouTube to get a feeling for what you like.

You can find kettle bell, Jillian Michaels, Ballet Beautiful, and many more full length videos to get you started for free. Try them and then purchase your favorites on Amazon or make a playlist on YouTube and keep mixing it up.

Include the kids

Take the kids with you. You don’t have to wait until nap time to exercise. Your kids can play beside you while you workout or they can copy your fabulous workout moves beside you. My two year old can rock glute bridges like a pro.

You are not ignoring your kids or taking time away from them. You are setting a positive example of how to care for yourself physically and mentally.

If you are in a funk, are you giving your children the best picture of how amazing motherhood is? No way. Show them how to take care of their bodies so they can do the same one day.

Keep the kids busy

Sometimes, you need to let off some steam, and having the kids run around you will make it far less enjoyable. This is when you break out a special activity to keep them busy while you exercise. I have some awesome ideas for finding alone time as a stay at home mom that will help you get some peace and quiet to exercise.

My favorite kid activity for working out is bath time. I throw the kids in the tub and do an Aaptiv workout while they play in the water. I’m still watching them, but taking care of me too.

Think outside the box

Maybe there is a non-traditional workout you like. You could try hiking (baby or toddler can ride in a carrier), biking, basketball with your bigger kids, start a game of tag at the park, or run up and down bleachers while your kiddos play on a football field.

Start with just five minutes

Everyone has five minutes. You can churn out burpees with planks during rests for five minutes. You can do a full series of glute exercises– glute bridges, leg lifts, clam shells. You can do a lot with five minutes! It might be exactly what you need to get motivated to do more. Five minutes can turn into thirty minutes.

Put your phone down

There I said it. If you know me at all, you had to know I would suggest ditching the phone. Think about how much time you spend checking texts and emails, researching random things you probably will never act on, or scrolling social media. All of that time could be used exercising, and exercise definitely has WAY more benefits.

Slack and exercise at the same time

If you really just cannot live without the latest episode of your favorite show, then exercise while you watch. I have knocked out many a workout while watching SVU.

Use your baby as weight

You can always use your baby as weight for exercises. Check out these baby inclusive moves.

How do you find time to workout? I would love to hear your ideas.

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