#1 Hack to Avoid Public Restrooms with a Toddler

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Whether you are taking a newly potty trained child out or your toddler won’t use the public toilet because it is big, scary, and loud, public restrooms with a small child can be an awful experience. I mean, if you REALLY think about the number of random strangers who put their business on a toilet seat, do you want to set your child’s pristine backside on it anyway? Yeah, me neither.

Have you noticed how they always try to grip the side of the cootie covered seat even with you begging them to hold onto you instead? Or how sometimes you have to actually clean stranger urine off before you can even put a cover on it. Those covers never stay on right anyway. They always leave the little cut out section in the front exposed, which happens to be right where someone peed or left their hair. Skin crawling yet?

How about porta potties. I’m afraid of what might crawl out of those things. Imagine how scary it must be for tiny humans who are actually at risk of falling into the big pit of stranger poop.

So for all you moms and dads who don’t want to battle it out in a public bathroom stall, here is an awesomely good hack for setting up your own private porta potty.

You’ll need:

A child’s potty (the smaller the better)

A stash of plastic grocery bags with no holes in them


Cheap diapers

Air freshener

Hand sanitizer

First- Place a clean potty in your vehicle. Remember, this trick is for little kids, so they won’t mind going inside your car. By the time they are old enough to care, they can hold it or use a public toilet better.

Second- Cover the potty insert (the bowl part) with a plastic grocery bag. I usually use two and make sure they don’t have a hole in them to prevent any leaks.

Third- This is the most important step! Put a clean diaper inside the potty. This is to absorb the urine. I cut mine in half, but if you have a child who might have a large output, use the entire diaper.

Fourth- Use the potty just like normal (your kid not you).

Fifth- Bag it up and celebrate. Spray your vehicle with air freshener if needed, sanitize hands, and toss the grocery bag in the nearest trash.

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