My Pumpkin Spice Haul from Grove Collaborative

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My favorite store is Elder’s Ace Hardware. I’m not sure if all Ace Hardware stores are the same, but ours has many things that I love:

A popcorn maker at the door for my kids to get free popcorn

Home decor that is unique and beautifully displayed


Camping supplies

Pretty travel cups

Local honey

Local BBQ sauce

Local butter in all sorts of flavors from sriracha garlic to cherry bourbon

Funny socks

Yummy smelling cleaning supplies and bath soaps

I mean, what more could you really want? You go in for a bag of screws and come out with screws, popcorn, new mums, and a bracelet.

A few weeks ago, I was wandering around when I saw the new Mrs. Meyers Pumpkin line. I am a lover of all things fall, so I REALLY wanted to buy all the pumpkin cleaning spray, hand soap, and dish soap. The problem is, I am learning to budget due to the fact that I am no longer working from home as a nurse. I dragged myself away from the display and texted my husband that I deserved a medal for doing so.

But then…I saw a Facebook ad from Juggling the Jenkins in which she informed me (she was talking directly to ME about all the pumpkin goodness) that if I spent 20 bucks at Grove Collaborative, they would give me 30 dollars worth of Mrs. Meyer’s products for FREE. What? Spend 20 and get 50? Um…yes please!

Here’s how it works:

Head on over to Grove Collaborative through this link and put 20 dollars worth of awesomeness in your cart. I will get ten bucks to spend at Grove for the referral (and then you can tell all your friends and earn the same). You will then get a FREE five piece Mrs. Meyer’s set that contains:

Hand soap

Dish soap

Cleaning spray

Walnut scouring pads

Grove Collaborative dish brush with replaceable head

I also scored a glass spray bottle. I received 58.86 in product and only paid 23.34. I could have spent a little more and received a pretty container for all my cleaning supplies, but I reigned myself in.

Not a fan of pumpkin? You can choose from other Mrs. Meyer’s scents for your gift set. I tested radish at the store, and it actually smells really great. It is more of a clean smell than I have ever noticed the radishes in my salad having. 🙂

My pumpkin haul came in yesterday, and here it is!

All the pumpkin cleaning loot!

The counters smell so good! 

And now my kitchen sink looks staged. It is so pretty!

Head on over to Grove Collaborative to get your free goodies, then let me know what you think!

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